11-11-2010 Kitchenpunx Benefit Voku for the Invisible Borders exhibition

All profit of the Voku will be donated to the “Invisible Borders” exhibition [http://invisibleborders.de/], which got burned down by Nazis in Zossen in January 2010. On June 21th, the exhibition was reopened at the Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte in Berlin. The exhibition is currently shown in Cottbus.

Joe’s Garage, donderdag 11 november, 19:00. No reservation! Pumpkin-karrot-orange-ginger Soup, Drunken Chicken in in spicy onion sauce, almond&herbs rice, baked veggies, of the season, salade, Cherry-schoko cake.

1) About the Expo

Refugees, while they are either in the asylum process or live in Germany with a so-called ‘Duldung’, are facing invisible borders in their everyday life. For example they are only allowed to move within a certain area due to the ‘Residenzpflicht’ (‘duty of residence’). At the same time they are forced to live in refugee homes or camps, that are often at the edge or outside of regular settlement areas.
Voucher systems instead of cash benefits, but also police controls in train stations and trains targeting people who look ‘foreign’, stigmatize refugees and intensify their social isolation.

Utilising models, plans, texts, photographs and a short film the exhibition ›Residenzpflicht — Invisible Borders‹ documents the resulting geography of multiple inclusion and exclusion, its impact on the perception of space, but also strategies of resistance.

2) About the Nazi attack and callout for reconstruction (Jan 2010)

At night of 22 january 2010 the „Haus der Demokratie“, run by the citizens’ initiative “Zossen zeigt Gesicht”, in Zossen burned down. Meanwhile the exposition “Residenzpflicht – Invisible Borders”, started-up shortly before in order to be shown there, got totally destroyed. A rightist extremist has confessed his cooperation in the attack.