15-11-2010 Benefit for Gullk, Internet Workspace in Kinshasha, Congo

With Ehtiopian voku, 19:00, no reservation. In the good old history of PUSCII and ASCII, both Internet Workspaces or ‘Hacklabs’, a Internet Workspace has been setup in Kinshasha Congo. Since the powerhouse blew up, they have electricity by generator. Internet uplink is by sattelite. And all software is free as in freedom.

The setup was initiated by a member of the PUSCII collective, and setup from the ground with locals who still run it. In order to support this initiative we will have a benefit on Monday the 15th of november. We’ll have african cooking and will be showing photos of the space and the people in Kinshasha. So please be there on the 15th, support our comrades in Congo in fight for free information, free software and free communication. Give as you can and enjoy the wonderful flavors of african food. The initiative: http://www.gullk.org/ (a truly oldschool, nineties styled website).