Joe’s Sundaynight Film – October Program

Films start at 20:00!

3 oktober 2010: Gummo (Harmony Corine 1997)
In this nihilistic artschool classic an eclectic group of teenagertrash in Xenia, Ohio passes its sad days by riding their bikes, sniffing glue, shooting cats or paying for sex with a friends sister. Who is that gay boy with the pink rabbit hat?

10 oktober 2010: Entre les Murs (Laurent Cantet 2008)
With three American productions this month it is rather necessary that we give you some well received European social-realist cinema as well. From France this time, about a school in a tough banlieue, and all social problematics connected to it. Dramatic, painfull. Beautiful. Heroic.

17 oktober 2010: Beautiful Losers (Aaron Rose 2008)
This quite recent documentary reflects upon the American DIY-scene and its artists, art and morals that became successful in the nineties and changed the American art forever. Recommended for anyone who still wants to stubbornly keep on believing in some possibilty of authenticity.

24 oktober 2010: Dr. Zhivago (David Lean, Boris Pasternak, 1965)
This older movie based upon the novel of Boris Pasternak with the same title, shows you the unbelievable events, dreams and deceptions in and around the Russian Revolution of 1917. With staggering suspense, beautiful characters and a great story. And with complexity; and even with meaning.