18.10.2010 – Vegan benefit Voku for Anarchist singer and song writer Michael Schade

Monday October 18th 2010, 19:00 @ Joe’s Garage, Michael Schade will play an acoustic concert during the voku made by the Amsterdam Kitchen Punx. The concert will be repeated on Tuesday October 19th 2010 in ‘t Blijvertje during the bar avond (Derde Oosterparkstraat 64 HS, Amsterdam) at 9 o’clock [ http://slimblijven.nl/ ].

Repression against AIKO and songwriter Michael Schade. Ten months for two years of proving for Michael Schade.

Helmstadt-Bargen The AIKO (Anarchistic initiative Kraichgau / Odenwald) was based in April, 2009 with the construction of the anarchistic residential project in Helmstadt-Bargen, a small village in the region of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Kraichgau, directly adjoining to the Odenwald. A farmhouse was acquired favorably which was covered first basic-renovated, then. At the moment five people firmly live in the house, however, the number of the people is always very different in the house, because people are taken up over and over again or are accommodated for a certain time. Thus the number sways between five and fifteen people.

In spring, 2011 our project „Removal of the barn and the interbuilding“ begins, so that place originates for approx. 15 – 20 people in the residential project, and in the real barn an autonomous cultural center finds his place what should be initiated in the late year 2011.

Now the AIKO had from the beginning some problems that the Kraichgau shows, unfortunately, a big Nazi problem, and here not only NPD and Republican have spread out, but there is all around the city of Sinsheim which is just 12 km away from Helmstadt-Bargen, the problem of the so-called „autonomous nationalists“ and, unfortunately, passes here also several extremely neo-nazigroups like „Blood & Honor“, then also to some politically active and big fan clubs of the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

To make the middle-class inhabitants of the surroundings on it carefully a demonstration with the title „No Nazis in Sinsheim and everywhere!“ was organized by the AIKO in the 9/19/2009 to 300 people of the most different groupings, even local resident took part. It has also been revealed that Tim Wirth, Frontmann of the Naziband “Blue Maxx”, in the trade union IG metal had nested. The trade union reacted immediately and took off his membership from him. All that was not seen by the city of Sinsheim though with pleasure, but the demonstration still was also a public success, because it remained not only peacefully, also the applicant Michael Schade could negotiate that merely traffic security is made, and no protective forces were there in fight suits. Everything ran really peacefully, and this although the neo-Nazis in a multi-storey car park had formed up what the scouts of the AIKO had noted early, and therefore could turn away an astonishing attack of the neo-Nazis.

In the approach of the demonstration the dog of the applicant Michael Schade in the cruelest way was murdered by neo-Nazis with a poison bait which they threw above the wall in the inner courtyard.

Short time later there was a house search against applicant Michael Schade in the residential project of the AIKO. Had accused the state power of offense against the BtMG (german law of drugs, in this case especially Marijuana), a rumor which comes from a person because of whom several political activists were arrested all over the country, as well as Michael Schade in February, 2010.

During the house search animals were tormented who were extremely distressed following that, people were disturbed in there own rooms while sleeping, and everything that was found in the residential project, was automatically assigned to Michael Schade, thus also seven Molotov cocktails. The singer-songwriter didn’t know much about these Molotov cocktails, knew merely around their existence, but him was not deliberate that these were stored in the cellar of the residential project.

By his arrest in the 2/2/2010 (it more than five political activists were arrested all over the country at the same time) the state power even without search warrant searched once more the complete house, also the cupboards. Michael Schade came out of the prison at 2/18/2010, after even the public prosecutor had to question the credibility of the supposed witness.

The procedure because of offense against the BtMG was already dropped with most suspects, nevertheless, against Michael Schade the inquiries still run.

Also became the singer-songwriter with penal order of the 9/22/2010, FILE NUMBER: 11 Cs 410 Js 18074/09-AK 492/10 by the district court of Sinsheim to ten months of custody put out to the proving, condemns. The period of probation amounts two years. In addition, Michael Schade must transfer Heidelberg 1,000 euro to the district association for social administration of justice. In addition the costs still come for the lawyer and the costs of an action which are not quite clear yet, because the judgment is contested by me.

The AIKO had planned, actually to organize a row of Solidarityconcerts to the removal of the residential project and the autonomous center, indeed, the juridical situation is a pity against the singer-songwriter and residential project inhabitant Michael become so extreme that now must be collected, primarily, for the process and the necessary displays. We calculate with total expenses from approx. 3,000 euro if everything is concluded. The height, therefore, because on account of the challenge of the judgment will be determined by Michael Schade with high likelyhood also against other house inhabitants, and therefore on a court procedure must be calculated. Moreover, still the running procedure is pending against Michael Schade because of offense against the BtMG.

Hence, the AIKO and singer-songwriters Michael Schade urgently need support and, ask for many Solidarityconcerts, Solidarityparties, a.s.o. …. and around hopefully many guests and visitors of the events!

On October 15th, Michael Schade and two members of AIKO wanted to go to Amsterdam to give solidarity concerts at ‘t Blijvertje and Joe’s Garage. However, the car was stopped by the police. The driver was forced to go with on the police station to give blood without any court order.

AIKO http://aikozentrum.dreipage2.de/
Michael Schade http://michael-schade.dreipage2.de/