Police Violence Info night with a movie, The Murder of Fred Hampton

Sunday January 6th 2013, Police Violence Infonight with a movie, The Murder of Fred Hampton (Howard Alk, USA, 1971, 88′). Door open at 20pm, info night and film at 21pm.

It’s 1969. Fred Hampton, a Black Panther activist, is asleep when the Chicago police is raiding his house and killing him. Shot point blank in the face, he’s only another victim of the so called ‘monopoly on violence’.

This movie is about him, those events and the aftermath it caused. But maybe this movie is also about Carlo Giuliani, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, Rishi Chandrikasing or you. We all have to cope with police violence, whether it’s ‘random’ frisking, or just plain violent repression. Those who never had trouble with authorities can call themselves lucky bastards.

To not let the death of Rishi go unnoticed, we organized this info night on January the 6th. Come watch ‘the Murder of Fred Hampton’ (1971) and discuss our ‘beloved’ bullies in this new twenty thirteen era of modern repression and institutionalized acceptance.

Film nigh, info night at Joe’s Garage, nice and cozy cinema! Doors open at 20:00, info night and film at 21:00, free entrance. You want to play a movie, let us know: joe [at] squat [dot] net