Battle in Seattle – Stuart Townsend (2007)

15 Oct 2008 – 20:00

Hollywood versie van de anti-globalisatie gebeurtenissen in Seattle 1999:

Thousands of activists arrive in Seattle, Washington in masses to protest the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 (World Trade Organization). The movie takes an in-depth look at characters during those five days in 1999 as demonstrators protested the meeting of the WTO in Seattle’s streets. Although it began as a peaceful protest with a goal of stopping the WTO talks, it escalated into a full-scale riot and eventually, a State of Emergency that pitted protesters against the Seattle Police Department and the National Guard.

Een deelneemster aan de blokkades toen (ervaringsdeskundige!!!!) heeft beloofd aanwezig te zijn, en voor/na de film een paar verstandige dingen te zeggen over de film en de werkelijke situatie van toen.

Deur open 20:00, film start 20:30.

battle in seattlebattle in seattle