David Graeber at Joe’s Garage, October 2nd 2010

World-renowned anarchist anthropologist, David Graeber, will speak on Anarchism, Direct Action, and Urban Politics, on Saturday, October 2nd 2010, 18:00 at Joe’s Garage. Graeber has written Direct Action and Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology.

The discussion with David Graeber will be moderated by Nicoline van Harskamp, http://www.vanharskamp.net

This discussion is part of a day long event celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Joe’s Garage, autonomous squatted neighborhood social center in Amsterdam Oost.

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The 5 year party of Joe’s Garage will be held on Saturday, October 2nd, at Pretoriusstraat 43, beginning at 2 PM and ending at 10 PM.