Movie night: Black Block


Sunday September 22nd, Movie night: Black Block (Carlo Bachschmidt, 2011, Italy, 75′, documentary) with info about the 10×100 Campaign. Door opens at 20:00, film and discussion begin at 21:00.

In July 2012, 11 years after the protests against the G8 summit in Genoa, 10 people have been convicted for taking part in the demonstrations, the sentences vary from 6-14 years. Following the recent Benefit Voku for the activists convicted after the G8 protests, we are screening the documentary film Black Block from Carlo Bachschmidt.
The law that allowed this insane sentence is named “Devastation and Looting”: this law was included in the Italian Penal Code in 1935, to protect the so called “public order” under the fascist regime. In the last decade this law has been used multiple times to convict political activists.
In 2004 SupportoLegale (LegalSupport) started a campaign to raise money to support the people involved in the trials connected to the demonstrations of Genova2001 and now, after all these years, SupportoLegale launched the 10×100 campaign. One of the aims of this campaign is the abolition of this fascist law, that is being used more and more often to convict political activists.

Through Lena and Niels (Hamburg), Chabi (Zaragoza), Mina (Paris), Dan (London), Michael (Nice), and Muli (Berlin), Black Block aims to restore the testimony of those who experienced for themselves the violence in the raid on the Diaz school and their subsequent torture. Several of them chose to return to Genoa for the trials of the police officers involved. Amnesty International called the results trials “The most serious suspension of human rights in western country since the second world war.”

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