Singer Songwriters: Bucket Boyz, Andy Dale Patty, My Sisters Collected Fantasies

Friday September 20th 2013. Monthly music event, Singer Songwriters #4 with Bucket Boyz, Andy Dale Patty, My Sisters Collected Fantasies. Door opens at 7pm, vegan food on donation. Performances end at 10pm.

BUCKET BOYZ (NL), knee slapin, crazy anarcho blue-trash from the amsterdam bayou!!!! “Rare Dutch treat The Bucket Boyz, who thrilled with their anarchic take on Tennessee folk.” (The Guardian)
ANDY DALE PATTY (UK), Stick to the Shadows Fall 2013 Tour. Andy Dale Petty (Alabama USA) is taking his show on the road in Europe and America during the months of September and October. He is a one man Alabama Folk Songster playing American folk music on banjo, guitar and harmonica, in the style of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, John Fahey, and Michael Hurley. “Outlaw folk youngster with the hart n soul near to the Grave of Woody
Guthrie, all by himself beautiful twisted and desperate and uses his Guitar as a Wappon”.
MY SISTERS COLLECTED FANTASIES (D/NL/IT), A band existing from 3 people. Felix comes from Breda, Luca from Berlin and Isadora from Venice. Their inspiration comes from Disney and cowboy movies, classic music, indie pop, Elvis Presley and the early stuff Madonna did. Originally this band started as an acoustic dance music project in 2012 called Rua & Gallion. It has slowly developed into a band called My Sisters’ Collected Fantasies.

Singer Songwriters is a monthly evening at Joe’s Garage. There is no entrance fee at the door, there will be a hat going around for donations for the performers. Maybe you get you’ll get some DIY made CD from the performers. Doors open at 7pm. Vegan food will be served, no reservation. Performances are done by 10pm because we love our neighbours. If you want to perform during these Singer Songwriters sessions, please contact joe [at] lists [dot] squat [dot] net