Hambacher Forest Benefit


Monday December 2nd 2013, Hambacher Forest Benefit, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

New supplies are needed on the front line! “Today, Thursday 19th November 2013, RWE and po­li­ce made again an un­wan­ted visit at the fo­rest occupation of the Ham­ba­cher Forest. At about 1pm a con­voy of a dig­ger, a har­vester and in­f­an­try and paid mer­ce­na­ries crus­hed through the fo­rest. For three hours they were de­s­troy­ing ever­y­thing which was in their range and even stole a woo­den box with food, water ca­nis­ters, shoes and fur­ther per­so­nal be­lon­gings…

We al­re­a­dy know this pro­ce­du­re and it doesn’t sur­pri­se us that they do what they‘d call “theft” themsel­ves. Be­cau­se – as we all know – their laws are only for the oppressed peop­le and not for big com­pa­nies, the state or the po­li­ce.
What was dif­fe­rent this time was the har­vester, which cut all the wood directly into ex­tre­me­ly small pie­ces. Fur­ther­mo­re they were using a metal detector be­cau­se of a mar­ked “dan­ger zone/ mine field”.

Be­cau­se of the psy­cho­lo­gi­cal pres­su­re of RWE through these re­pea­ted at­tacks some feel a kind of impotence. It’s hard to see how all the in­fra­struc­tu­re on the ground which was made from so­li­da­ry hands a which is re­al­ly im­portant for the fo­rest occupation is being de­s­troy­ed again and again. It’s unbe­lieva­ble how disinterested they de­s­troy all the soil and its in­ha­bi­tant life with their ma­chine­ry and how they treat this wonderful and va­luable eco­sys­tem like so­me­thing which is only in their way to the coal in the ground – which they con­s­i­der as more va­luable than any life. All of that puts a lot of pres­su­re on one’s men­ta­li­ty. Ever­yo­ne de­ci­des him_hers­elf which way of pro­test they pre­fe­r and we so­li­da­ri­ze us with them whe­ther it’s through court cases, blockades, sa­bo­ta­ge and/ or occupations as well as their sup­port and independent in­for­ma­ti­on and re­port – that’s the face of re­sis­tan­ce.
We won‘t watch with our arms cros­sed how this pla­net and every life on it is being de­s­troy­ed through greed for money or lust for power. We want to be sure that also after our lifes there will be air to bre­a­the, soil which is fer­ti­le and full of life, plants which grow healthy and wi­thout ge­ne­ti­cal mo­di­fi­ca­ti­ons, ri­vers which aren’t in­to­xi­ca­ted, oce­ans in which there’s not more plas­tic and ga­so­li­ne than fish.
Even if most peop­le might con­s­i­der this de­struc­tion as not stoppable any ­mo­re – it is po­ssi­ble and it’s ne­cessa­ry be­cau­se to­mor­row there might al­re­a­dy be no day-​af­ter any more. So we act now and with all the be­lon­ging con­se­qu­en­ces.
When if not now? Where if not here? How if not with love? Who if not us?
For a free and good life wi­thout su­pre­ma­cy and de­struc­tion!
For a to­mor­row!
So­li­da­ri­ty with Rosia Mon­t­a­na (Roma­nia), the ZAD (Fran­ce), Bils­ton (Eng­land) and all fur­ther pro­tests world­wi­de for a non-​hierarchical fu­ture on earth wi­thout ex­ploi­ta­ti­on.

More information: http://hambachforest.blogsport.de/

Previous Hambacher events at Joe’s: October 17th 2013 and September 19th 2013

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