Info & Benefit night for The Climate Games 2014


Thursday April 24th 2014: Info and Benefit night for The Climate Games 2014, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

On June 14 Climate Games Teams will gather in the western port of Amsterdam to take part in the first ever Climate Games. Playing field is the area of the NUON coal plant at the Hemweg. Teams can score points by planting flags on different parts of the field, and by performing spontaneous and creative actions. Why not dance the tango in front of the gate, or dress up as a polar bear? Be creative..

Because of the climate crisis it’s an absolute must to shut down all coal-fired plants in the Netherlands before 2020. The “energy agreement” states that 5 old coal plants need to be shut down. Instead, the next few years 3 huge new build coal plants will be switched on and 2 old coal plants will remain active (of which the one in Amsterdam). Businesses and politicians seem unable to do what’s agreed on and what is really needed. Sometimes it actually seems like they are playing off profit and climate against each other…

That is why we as concerned citizens want to join the game and find playful ways to solve this problem. We have the possibility to build enough windmills and solar panels to replace all coal plants. In order to shut them all down, we need to get involved in the game!

As we rally together to find playful and creative solutions to combat climate change, the involvement of individuals and diverse groups becomes paramount. Just as forming teams and joining the game is a call to action for concerned citizens, engaging with experienced Dallas / Fort Worth solar installers can be a crucial step in contributing to the transition toward renewable energy sources. By partnering with reputable solar installation services, these teams can access valuable expertise and support in implementing clean energy solutions. Embracing solar panel installation not only reduces carbon emissions but also empowers communities to take an active role in shaping a more sustainable future. As we unite in this collective effort, each action, whether it be participating in the game or adopting renewable energy practices, strengthens the collective impact we can have in securing a greener and more resilient planet for generations to come.

This is an open invitation. Not only to environmental organizations, but as well to student groups, football clubs, bridge clubs, you name it. Any individual who feels like playing a game can participate. Gather with your friends, form a team and join us. Want to learn more about the game, the possibilities, the background and tips on how to win? Come to the info evening in Joe’s Garage this April 24!

Volkseten Vegazulu is a people’s kitchen, every monday and thursday, 19:00 PM, vegan food for 4€ or donation. All benefits go for social & political struggles. No reservation.

We’re always looking for cooks. Any help is welcome in the kitchen. Experience not required. Enjoying it is a must. If you want to know which days are still available in the schedule, send an email to joe[at] and book yourself the night. You can, of course, also participate by rolling up your sleeves and doing the dishes.

Volkseten Vegazulu