Aman molli special concert with Serenade Ensemble

Saturday 8 December 2018, Aman molli special concert with Serenade Ensemble. Doors open at 7:00 pm, concert starts at 7:30 pm. Bring your instruments for the jam afterwards!

Serenade Ensemble is a group of five talented young musicians from Greece and Turkey who all met in Codarts university in Rotterdam. In this concert, they are going to connect the two sides of the Aegean sea by playing common songs that are widely known in both countries and there are lyrics in both languages.
For example, in their repertoire is a song called “Tsakitzis”. Tsakitzis was a mythical folk hero of both Turks and Greeks in Asia Minor and in Istanbul. He was a rebel (just like Robin Hood), who, according to the songs and the legends, always defended the weak people and stole money from the rich people to distribute it to the poor ones (19th-20th century).

Serenade Ensemble is een nieuwe muzikale formatie bestaande uit: Duygu Alkan (zang), Dimitra Metzaki (oud), Andriana Petala Achitzanova (ney), Vanessa Kourtesi (zang) en Nikos Augoustidis (oud & zang). Hun repertoire bestaat uit Griekse en Turkse volks en klassieke liederen.
A small sample:

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