Babboo in concert

babbooThursday May 7th 2015, Babboo in concert, from 9pm till 10pm. At 7pm, Volkseten Vegazulu, Benefit for the family Y.

Babboo is just back from a few months touring Mexico. We are welcoming them for a third time at Joe’s Garage. From the streets to the stages, everyone is kindly entertained and refreshed by this original, powerful and inspiring music, which lyrics are written in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. The original songwriting of the Babboo varies from Gipsy Manouche to French Musette, from Pop ballads to African Rhythms, from popular Cumbia to intellectual Samba and Cuban Son. The show can be described as a danceable poetry, very energetic and elegantly rough, moving and touching at the same time. In the Babboo performance the audience is bewitched by the strength and the intensity of Ale’s voice, as by the delicacy of some mellow melodies, which create a good balance between the sexiest roughness of latin rhythms and the coolest songwriter’s pop. Babboo: […Lees verder]


Solidarity event for activists from Maribor, acoustic music & food


Sunday November 17th 2013, 6pm – Solidarity event for activists from Maribor, acoustic music by Alessandro Seul, food and more. After the Global Uprisings conference, meet up and socialize.

Last November in Slovenia the wave of people’s uprisings started. Against corruption, austerity, expropriation of people, lack of perspective and precarity. Uprisings started in Maribor with huge participation of people. On third uprising that has led to dismissal of mayor Kangler every fifth inhabitant of the town participated. State reaction was brutal. Non discriminate use of police force, including huge amount of teargas and cavalry and 120 arrests. Among arrested 28 people were detained preventively for a month. Later court processes started and first were sentenced to seven month in prison this September. Others are still waiting for processes. In Maribor group of militant researchers is trying to organize resistance against such criminalization of uprisings by building solidarity network.

Door opens at 6pm. Vegan food on donation, no reservation. All benefits go for people arrested last year in Slovenia. Music performance by Alessandro Seul (guitar, voice)

Babboo Theater

Sunday 20 january 2013, Babboo Theater, doors open at 20:00 pm, show starts at 21:00 pm.

“What happens when you discover you have an INNER ANIMAL SIDE? Ask the horrible Babboo, he knows”. Revolutionary, emancipated, explosive. Text and mise en scene by Alessandro Seul […Lees verder]