Voku Benefit in Solidarity with Barroso

Monday 24 June 2024, Voku Benefit in Solidarity with Barroso. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

In Barroso, northern Portugal, the British multinational Savannah Resources, with help from the State and the European Union, wants to open what would become Europe’s first open-pit lithium mine.

Since 2017, the local population has been resisting this prospective mine, which threatens to destroy this region classified as World Agricultural Heritage. We have undertaken legal and direct actions; organized protests and camps; signed petitions and blocked machines.

The company, the State, and the EU call this “green mining”, claiming it is the solution to combat climate change and enable the energy transition. But, in Barroso, nobody forces us to say that gray is green. Nobody forces us to give up the mountains, the rivers, and the history we are guardians of.

This local struggle is an echo of the global resistance. If we succeed in stopping what would be the first and largest open-pit lithium mine in Europe, we will set brutal precedents for future struggles. We know this, just as much as multinationals and governments know it. That is why this struggle is so central. That’s why we fight. And why you should join.

Come to the Voku, or join us this Summer for the Camp in Defense of Barroso (15th – 19th August 2024). https://barrososemminas.org/ […Lees verder]

Voku benefit: in Defense of Barroso

Monday 19 June 2023, Voku benefit: in Defense of Barroso. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.
Join Us for a Voku in Defense of Barroso!

Come to the benefit dinner at Joe’s Garage, where we will raise funds for the camp as well as for the legal actions we are undertaking to stop the mine.

From the 10th to the 15th August, all roads lead to northern Portugal, where locals and their allies are organizing the 3rd edition of the Camp in Defense of Barroso.

In Barroso, the British multinational Savannah Resources, with the help from the Portuguese State and the European Union, wants to open what would be Europe’s biggest open-pit lithium mine. This mine, touted as a “green” solution for the energy transition, is actually far from green: it threatens to displace the local population, pollute the waters and destroy the forests of this protected area, classified as World Agricultural Heritage Site.

For the past seven years, locals and their allies have been resisting the prospective lithium mine and rejecting the false “green” solutions that capitalism seeks to impose. In Barroso, we are confronting and deconstructing the idea that the energy transition has to go through unbridled extractivism, the depletion of all natural resources, the dispossession of rural territories, and the incessant search for profit and capital accumulation.

For the past 2 years, we organize a Camp, where hundreds of people from all over the world join us in solidarity. The third edition of the camp is just around the corner and we invite you to join us this summer. The Portuguese government is announcing its final decision, and we need your support more than ever!


Website: https://barrososemminas.org/
Videos: https://videos.coletivos.org/c/acampada/videos?s=1

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