Greenhouse Infoshop benefit

greenhouseinfoshopMonday June 15th 2015, Greenhouse Infoshop Project (Philippines) benefit, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm

‘Dear Friends, after almost 8 years of doing food not bombs (mobile soup kitchen), films screenings, free workshops and community grassroots organizing, the Greenhouse Infoshop Project is under threat of eviction due to financial crisis for the past months. Greenhouse Infoshop Project is renting a space for 2,000 pesos monthly due to our small income generated, we are in trouble paying the rental of the space this past month. But we cannot afford to stop what we have started.

With the serious problem we are facing, we don’t have any choices right now but to ask for your support once again. We can go squatting but there are limitations concerning water and electricity. We are asking if you could help us sustain a 1 year rental of our space, just to prepare ourselves into transition and push our worthwhile projects. The total rental will be 24,000 Php or $600 good for 1 year, we are asking if you could help us provide the rental for 1 year.

On the bright side we are starting a project called “The Free Bank”; sharing free services resources or good deeds within a social network or community without money involve.

This is the first major challenge to us as an infoshop and pioneers of anti-authoritarian movements here in Southern Luzon particularly in Naga City Philippines. We know that the financial crisis we are facing are effects of crisis of capitalism. We didn’t own any piece of land but we are struggling and fighting to survive, to put forward our projects. I hope you could consider our appeal and hoping for your positive reply.

For autonomy, hope and freedom.

In Solidarity!

-Noel Regachuelo […Lees verder]