Anarcho folk night: James Bar Bowen and JR Bathoorn

Monday March 18th 2019, Concert with James Bar Bowen and JR Bathoorn. Door is opening at 7pm, Volkseten Vegazulu, no reservation, grab some vegan food. From 8:30pm, get ready for the show.

James Bar Bowen, acoustic folk-punk singer songwriter from Huddersfield, North of England. Third concert at Joe’s Garage. Award-winning songs to make you laugh, cry and rage. Original, unusual, controversial, political, heart-felt, tear-jerking, angry, inspired, humorous, iconoclastic, sentimental, anti-fascist, engaging, intelligent.
James Bar Bowen is someone we appreciated not only for his music but also for his politics. So rare are the bands these days making the effort to have a decent website, to the point we, at Joe’s Garage, are less and less interested to make space for these bands only profiling themselves on facebook, bandcamp, youtube, spotify. Squatting being criminalized, rare are the squatted spaces left to hold concerts, benefit events or soup kitchens. Joe’s Garage as a squatted social center, is supporting bands, performers, activists, fellow squatters who understand the urgency to support each others, to strengthen our networks.

JR Bathoorn is Jan-Roel from Groningen. You’ve already heard his baritone voice and saw him playing accordeon with the Shoe Eating Rabbits and the Shitfaced Mermaids at various squats around the country.

Angry anarcho folk punk sessions coming up:
– Monday April 15th, Cinderwell from Ireland
– Thursday April 18th, Dan Kemp & Ash Ludd from Bristol
– Monday May 6th: Sharp Knives from Lisbon

Do you want to perform on the stage, play a concert at Joe’s Garage? Get in touch, we are curious to read on your website, not on corporate social media, where you’ve been playing in the past, where you’re heading to.