KO.A.LA. Fund for Fines Benefit Dinner

Thursday 16 November 2023, KO.A.LA. Fund for Fines Benefit Dinner. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

Fines, what a pain! KO.A.LA. (COins Against LAw) is a newborn anarchist collective that wants to create a fund for fines for activists, squatters and persons that need to cover expenses but can’t.
On november 16th we’ll cook delicious food at Joe’s Garage! We would like it to be the occasion to announce this project and to share questions and tips, to discuss a little with you. Come by, ask us questions, join us and help us build this fund, so that fines expenses wont be a single’s responsibility, but a collective one! All creatures welcome.
KO.A.LA. [https://squ.at/r/9q6p], is a newborn collective in Amsterdam. We feel the necessity to start a fund for fines and legal expenses for activists, squatters and people that are not able to pay for themselves as we share the belief that legal expenses should not be a single’s responsability, but a collective one. We believe in a caring, regenerative culture, based on helping each other. […Lees verder]