Autonomous Centre Köln on the Barricades


Monday June 3rd 2013: Volkseten Vegazulu, Autonomous Centre Köln on the Barricades, Benefit and Infonight about the situation at the AZ Köln, 7pm.

Tonight we are going to talk about the struggle of the Autonomous Centre (AZ) in Cologne (Germany), that is facing an eviction thread from the 1th of July 2013 on. We will talk about our 3 years history of shaping the space, struggling for it, defending it. We will also present our ideas for defeating the coming eviction, we will present our eviction consensus and we also want to sincerely invite everybody to come to Cologne at the begin of July. We are fed up with the destruction of autonomous and emancipatory spaces and are not willing to let this happen any longer.

Come to Joe’s tonight, there will be nice food, we will show plenty of video and photos of our space and let us start to organise. […Lees verder]

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