Aman Molli: special concert with Mále Vráse

Saturday January 19th 2019, Aman Molli: special concert with Mále Vráse, 19:30, donations welcome.

Once upon a time, in a period between wars, there was migration and sorrow (around ~1920). Folks from different places such as Smyrna, Istanbul, Aegean islands were gathering at the Piraeus docks to survive. While living at the margins of the society and being unable to adapt quickly to the rapid changes that industrial revolution and western countries dictated to Greece, they were meeting at “tekedes”, underground illegal dens, where they could blend their music traditions and experiences while smoking hash, marijuana using shisha and other custom made devices.They used to sing, dance, fight, love and discuss for many hours until the morning or until the police were forcefully stop them and take them to the prison.
Change is inevitable and Rebetiko was not an exception. Metaxas dictatorship in Greece (1936-41) enforce music censorship, which include melodic pathways, rhythms and lyrics. Someone said life always finds a way and music did the same!

That was the birthplace of Rebetiko, more or less…
And that music is what Male Vrase will play and sing with us!

Mále Vráse’ is a Greek slang expression, meaning upset, a mess, bust up. Having in common the love for music from a very young age, the members of Mále Vráse mixed their influences and started their own music journey. Each one with a different musical background, they form their sound with respect to the original gramophone recordings, combined with contemporary music elements.

Mále Vráse band are:
Antonis Laurijsen – Guitar, Vocals
Charis Laurijsen – Bouzouki, Vocals
Dimitris Maris – Bouzouki, Vocals
Nikos Kaliouris – Violin