Book presentation JaKra! #1 (Squatting Yearbook 2018)

Thursday June 6th 2019, Book presentation JaKra! #1 (Squatting Yearbook 2018), Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm. After the food, book presentation, questions/discussion.

This annual bilingual book project aims to create more intercity involvement and solidarity between squatters and housing activists in Holland and beyond.
JaKra! is initiated by KSU Den Haag (The Hague Squatting Info Centre). In this book project we would like to look back on a number of developments and events in the past year, together with squatters and housing activists in different places. By sharing some of our successes and setbacks on an annual basis, we hope to contribute to creating more involvement and solidarity between activists from all over. In the book you’ll also find background articles and helpful info concerning squatting and housing struggles.
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