Mercano, el marciano

19 Dec 2007 – 20:00

When his pet is killed by a probe from earth, Mercano, a Martian, travels to earth angered. Landing in Buenos Aires, at first noone takes any notice of him.
Mercano (2002), by using a whole range of animation techniques, is one of the best animated feature of the year.

Traditional animation, 3D CG animation, sketch animation are all mixed up with an extraordinary result, as all techniques reflect at the right time the mood of the characters and the situation in which they evolve.
The scenario is fabulous, as it mix up comedy, tragedy and social study, with just enough funny gore moments to disarm the seriousness when it is needed.
When you think that the animators where not paid during six months, that the director hired his students for the film academy to finish in the times, that it costed 10 times less than an equivalent european production (not speaking about the american super-productions), the result is simply astounding.