Movie night: Larks on a String (1969)

Sunday December 16th 2012, Movie night: Larks on a String (orginal titel: Skřivánci na niti) from Jiří Menzel, Czechoslovakia, 1969, 94 min. In Czech with English subtitles. Door open at 20pm (films start at 21:00pm).

Although it was shot in 1968, Jiří Menzel’s sociopolitical comedy Larks On A String didn’t actually see the light of day until 1990, when it premiered and won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. Censorship had been lifted in Czechoslovakia for a short period, resulting in a fleeting burst of liberalization, especially for filmmakers – but the freedom was soon crushed by the invasion of Soviet tanks, which restored Czechoslovakia’s oppressive regime. Communism once again held a vice-like grip over the country, and Menzel’s film (which had finished shooting) was banned. […Lees verder]

Movienight: Standard Operating Procedure

Sunday December 9th 2012, Movie night: Standard Operating Procedure (Errol Morris, USA, 2008, 115′). Door open at 20pm (films start at 21:00pm)

A blockbuster of a documentary, Errol Morris’s “Standard Operating Procedure” is an inquiry into the prisoner abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib. It’s an estimable roll call, all the more so when you compare it with the average documentary or even a modest fiction film. The very scale of “Standard Operating Procedure” — evident in its costly-looking production values, special effects and elaborately choreographed re-enactments — suggests that Mr. Morris has grown weary of working in the margins to which documentary filmmakers are still too often relegated. “Standard Operating Procedure” is a big, provocative and — it goes without saying — disturbing work, though what makes it most provocative is that its greatest ambitions are for its own visual style. […Lees verder]

Benefit Mapuche Indian communities from Chile

Th./Do. 6th december 2012: Volkseten Vegazulu, Benefit Mapuche Indian communities from Chile, 19:00 pm.

In Maricheweu International (“10 times we shall overcome”) some people have come together whose main goal it is to support the human rights of the Mapuche (People of the Earth). The Mapuche are an indigenous people of South America. Their ancestral lands are located in Chile and Argentina. Currently there live more than 1 million Mapuche in Chile and about 50,000 in Argentina. The ongoing systematic destruction of indigenous peoples in South America is an indisputable fact, and apparently an international political strategy. In Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile and elsewhere the human rights of indigenous peoples flouted over and over again. While there is progress on legal issues, as there are made judgements, decrees, laws and international treaties for the protection, conservation and respect for Indigenous People, all this does not seem to suffice. The treatment of the Mapuche people provides an example for this. […Lees verder]

Two benefit diners for the Anarchist Black Cross Mexico

Mo./Ma.  3rd & 17th december 2012: Volkseten Vegazulu, Benefit for the Anarchist Black Cross Mexico, 19PM

It has been 8 years since the Mexican federal government of Jalisco brutally detained and tortured many protesters who mobilised against the summit of the heads of state from Latin American countries, the Caribbean and European Union.
By now, there are still some of arrestees facing criminal proceedings, as the public prosecutor has decided that neither the imposed sentences are finished, nor the statute of limitations has lapsed, and is looking for harsher punishment of the comrades to crush any other attempt of protest in the region. […Lees verder]

Movienight: In Time

Sunday December 2nd 2012, Movie night: In Time (Andrew Niccol, USA, 2011, 109′, Sciencefiction / Thriller, in english). Door open at 20pm (films start at 21:00pm)

In Time is a unique Science fiction action film. Set in a Dystopian society where time is literally money, the rich can live for centuries, the poor have to work for time. The concept of this film is terrific. If you want to live longer, you’ve got to earn more time, either legally or illegally. The world has also been segregated into Time Zones, separating everyone according to their wealth and social class. […Lees verder]

ZAD Benefit

Mo./Ma.  26 november 2012: Volkseten Vegazulu, ZAD Benefit, info, pictures and films, with 2 Zadistes in the house, 19PM.
The struggle against a new airport near Nantes, in Notre Dames des Landes, is far from over. Evictions on the ZAD started on October 16th 2012 with an outrageous show of police and military force. People have been resisting this project for years, occupying houses, land and trees. From their communique, the ZAD is not ready to give up. […Lees verder]

Infonight Zapatista indigenous communities in Chiapas

Sunday November 25th 2012, Infonight Zapatista indigenous communities in Chiapas. Opening time: 19:00 with food. Infonight & film: 20:00, no reservation

After the fraudulent national elections of July 2012 and the reestablishment of PRI in the governance of Mexico, dignity and autonomy have been severely struck. Among the sufferers, many Zapatista communities in Chiapas and their supporters, the majority of which are indigenous people, have being experiencing threats, assaults, displacements, and any form of violence from the federal Mexican state’s authorities, mostly under the guise of various paramilitary groups. […Lees verder]

Roomtuintje Oostbos Benefit

Do./Th. 22 november 2012, 19:00, Volkseten Vegazulu, Roomtuintje Oostbos Benefit.

“We are a group of concerned individuals who have decided to take matters into our own hands by finding a waste land and bringing new life to it. The site between Pieter Vlamingstraat, Pontanusstraat and Von Zessenstraat in the Dapperbuurt of Amsterdam Oost was originally social housing owned by housing corporation ‘De Key’. After removing the social renters most of the houses were demolished by 2009 in order to make way for 58 luxury apartments. Some 5 houses were left derelict and only one renter the ‘Coffeeshop Eastwood’ remained. De Key have not continued with the project which was due for completion in 2011. […Lees verder]