Latin american movie night: No (Pablo Larraín, 2012)

Sunday July 25th 2021, No (Pablo Larraín, 2012), 118 minutes, in Spanish with English Subtitles. Doors open at 20:00, Film starts at 20:30

No, a Chilean historical drama directed by Pablo Larrain and starring Gael Garcia Bernal. The film unfolds in 1988, when Augusto Pinochet, who had ruled Chile with an iron fist since coming to power in a 1973, caved to international pressure and called for a public referendum to determine whether or not he should receive an eight-year extension of his rule. Virtually everyone in the country assumes that the results will be fixed, but Renee Saavedra (Bernal), a youthful ad executive who recently returned to the country after years of living in exile, decides to take on the challenge of rallying the public’s support against its dictator through the “No” campaign. […Lees verder]

What’s going on in Chile? Sunday 1srt March

Anarchist Group Amsterdam and Joe’s Garage collective are organizing two events in Amsterdam in solidarity with protests in Chile.

Chile is one of the wealthiest and unequal countries in Latin America at the same time. 1% of the population in Chile controls 26.5% of the country’s wealth, while 50% of low-income households access 2.1%.
Despite this fact, in October 2019 the Chilean government decided to increase public transport fares by 4% ignoring its social significance. It led to the protests and the biggest civil unrest having occurred in Chile since the end of Augusto Pinochet’s military dictatorship. People’s demands quickly grew from keeping public transport fares to more broad anti-neoliberal claims. The government replied with Excessive use of force. As of 26 October, 19 people have died, nearly 2,500 have been injured, and 2,840 have been arrested. Human rights organizations have received several reports of violations conducted against protesters, including torture, sexual abuse, and rape. According to Amnesty International, “the intention of the Chilean security forces is clear: to injure demonstrators in order to discourage protest.”. In fact, they didn’t succeed and protests are still happening until the present day.

To learn more about events happening in Chile and express your solidarity please come to our events:

Saturday, February 22, 18:00, Bollox, Eerste Schinkel­straat 14-16, Amsterdam – info talk from Chile/Belgian collective
Sunday, March 1, Joe’s Garage, Pretoriusstraat 43, Amsterdam – food and movie night

Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Missing (Costa-Gavras, 1982)

Sunday 12th November 2017, Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Missing. Doors open at 20.30. Intro + film start at 21.00. Missing – 1982 – Directed by Costa-Gavras. 122 minutes. In English.

They sure don’t make movies like this anymore. This was made in the day when bucking the system was still possible, and if you had some big name actors in your project you could make hard hitting flicks. This one stars Sissy Spacek (Carrie, Badlands) along with Jack Lemmon (Some Like it Hot) in one of his most important roles. It’s directed by the Greek filmmaker Costa-Gavras, and is based on the true story that happened in the 1970s. It follows the journey of a young American journalist who travels to Chile to cover a news story. While he is there, everything goes totally haywire, the country is thrown into turmoil, the government is overthrown and marshal law is declared. While the young boy is reporting the events, he suddenly goes missing. The movie mostly focuses on his wife and father who travel to Chile to try and find him back.

This is a thriller about having firm beliefs about the world, only to have them utterly shattered. Most of the film we spend with the father, a businessman who not only has to deal with a missing son, but also having his world view collapse as dark secrets are revealed. It’s devastating to follow him through a dark journey of dead ends – a maze of hospitals, morgues and police stations. The film is moody and suspenseful, and remains one of the director’s riveting masterpieces. The dreamy synthesizer music track was composed by Vangelis, and it’s considered to be one of his best. This is a movie that gives us some deep insights into history, and reflects a time when edgy movies could still be produced in Hollywood. The film has lost none of its power since it was made, and maybe has become even more relevant than before.

A highly-charged drama based on real events. Winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes film festival.

Film night at Joe’s Garage, cozy cinema! Film begins at 9pm, free entrance. You want to play a movie, let us know: joe [at] squat [dot] net

Benefit for the political prisoners in Turkey, music with Bordelestino (Chile)

Monday 10th July 2017, Benefit for the political prisoners in Turkey, music with Bordelestino. Volkseten Vegazulu at 7pm. Music from 9 till 10pm.

Bordelestino was formed in Santiago of Chili in 2011, by members Lolita Ponce, violin and vocals, Javier Valdebenito, double bass, and David Santis, accordion and vocals. Their repertoire ranges from tango, to French chanson; from Italian canzonetta and tarantella, to Chilean waltz and tonada; from Balkan music, to jazz, and to their own songs which melt those music genres with stories and poems. The use of acoustic instruments has made us a constant presence on the streets, in Chile, Brasil, France and Italy. During their 2015 European tour, Bordelestino made quite an impression in Finland. They are again on their way to Tampere. Lucky us, they are back for one night at Joe’s Garage. […Lees verder]

Prisoner support in Chile. Benefit voku and music with Rebet guitarS

20160104_Prisoner_support_in_ChileMonday January 4th 2016, Prisoner support in Chile, Benefit voku. Rebetiko music with ‘Rebet guitarS’ and ‘Rebet guitaR’. Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

Joseba‘ is a comrade from Chile, currently under house arrest until his trial beginning of 2016. He was arrested on 2014 under charges of transporting an incendiary device. He was accused, under false testimonies, of participating in a firebomb attack. Due to personal finances, the case was given to a public defender from the state. Thanks to this lawyer’s irresponsibility and disinterest in the case, necessary legal procedures were never completed and during a routine probation visit, Joseba was arrested a few months ago and put in jail. The state wanted to keep him in preventative imprisonment until his trial in 2016, but thanks to the pressure generated by friends and comrades they were able to change his preventative imprisonment for house arrest.

Earlier in February of 2015, the Chilean state modified the arms control law to classify molotov cocktails as the same as a firearm, increasing the penalties for their use or transportation. In July, 5 students were arrested for a 2014 molotov attack against a station of the PDI (Policía de Investigaciones). During the September 11 demonstrations in memory of Chile’s brutal 17 year long military dictatorship, two students were arrested and charged with transporting an incendiary device. While Joseba‘s case came before the approval of this new repressive legislation, it is obvious that the Chilean state is trying to make an example of cases involving molotov cocktails in order to damper the anarchist and social struggles in this country, making it especially important to support comrades while the state equips itself with ever more repressive laws.

When Joseba‘s trial comes, he will be facing a sentence of up to 5 years and one day. In order to hire a private and sympathetic lawyer for his case, we need to raise money that is impossible for him to raise on his own while under house arrest. Because of this, we are asking for solidarity and monetary support from any and all anti-prison comrades. Thank you!

‘Rebet guitaR’ – Charis Konstantinou
Rebetiko, the music crossroad between middle east and west from the early 1900’s. Songs about love, joy and sorrow. A musical sub-culture, a music of the lower classes.
“The womb of rebetiko was the jail and the hash den. It was there that the early rebetes created their songs. They sang in quiet, harsh voices, unforced, one after the other, each singer adding a verse which often bore no relation to the previous verse, and a song often went on for hours. There was no refrain, and the melody was simple and easy.” Ilias Petropoulos
Rebet guitar, focuses on the early Rebetiko with one guitar, finger-pick style.

‘Rebet guitarS’ – Jaap Faber and Charis Konstantinou.
A guitar duet, will present the music of the legendary “Kostis”, the most enigmatic of all greek rebetika artists. 12+1 songs of truly unique guitar duets and black-humor lyrics chronicling the hash dens, prison culture and pickpockets of old Athens. Recorded in 1930-31 on 78 rpm records, under a pseudonym for export to the greeks living in America, research has uncovered the musician, journalist and cartoonist Kostas Bezos as the figure lurking behind the Kostis name, with ties to the famous singer and producer Tetos Demetriades.

Rebet guitar-“Ντερτιλήδικο” @ Molli, Amsterdam, April 2015.

Volkseten Vegazulu is a people’s kitchen, every monday, 7pm, vegan food for 4€ or donation. All benefits go for social & political struggles. No reservation.

We’re always looking for cooks. Any help is welcome in the kitchen. Experience not required. Enjoying it is a must. If you want to know which days are still available in the schedule, send an email to joe [at] squat [dot] net and book yourself the night. You can, of course, also participate by rolling up your sleeves and doing the dishes.

Infonight with speakers from ISM-Palestine, Concert with Trio Bordelestino (Santiago de Chile), The Casual Acoustics (Amsterdam)

20150720_Bordelestino_The_Casual_AcousticsMonday July 20th 2015, Volkseten Vegazulu, peoples kitchen, door opens at 7pm. Infonight with speakers from ISM-Palestine at 8pm. Concert with Trio Bordelestino (Santiago de Chile) and The Casual Acoustics (Amsterdam), gypsy jazz tango bossanova. Early concert!

Informatie avond met sprekers van ISM-Palestine
Woordvoerders van ISM Palestine zijn op Europa-tour, en zullen van 18 tot 22 juli in Nederland zijn (ook dinsdag 21 juli, op de ADM, Info-night about situation in Palestine). Er zijn een aantal bijeenkomsten georganiseerd, waar geïnteresseerden kennis kunnen maken met de doelstellingen, het werk, de geschiedenis, de toekomst en de mogelijkheden om deel te nemen aan het vrijwilligerswerk van de International Solidarity Movement in Palestina (Nablus, Hebron, Ramallah, Gaza).
Spreken zullen o.a.:
– Mariam Barghouti, journalist, student aan de Universiteit van Bir Zeit en bekend van de actie Free.mariam.barghouti (2014) en haar artikelen in de internationale pers:
– Karam, longterm vrijwilliger van ISM-Palestine
– Een woordvoerder van de ISM-NL supportgroep.
Videobeelden van het werk van ISM in Palestina zullen getoond worden. Na de plenaire Q&A zal er gelegenheid zijn om te spreken met de aanwezige vrijwilligers van ISM-palestine en ISM-nederland.

Concert with Trio Bordelestino and The Casual Acoustics.

Trio Bordelestino, a French/Chilean acoustic band formed in Santiago of Chili in 2011, by members Lolita Ponce, violin and vocals, Javier Valdebenito, double bass, and David Santis, accordion and vocals. Their repertoire ranges from tango, to French chanson; from Italian canzonetta and tarantella, to Chilean waltz and tonada; from Balkan music, to jazz, and to their own songs which melt those music genres with stories and poems. The use of acoustic instruments has made us a constant presence on the streets, in Chile, Brasil, France and Italy.

The Casual Acoustics are based in Amsterdam. Trio with Vicente (guitar), Hernan (bass), and one clarinet. Inspired by Tchavolo Schmitt, Django Rheinhardt and south american music with a touch of bossanova. […Lees verder]

Docu-info night, Montaje: Caso Bombas (2013)

Sunday March 30th 2014, Docu-info night, Montaje: Caso Bombas (2013, Chile, 80 minutes), documentary in Spanish with English subtitles. Door opens at 8pm, event begins at 9pm.

“In the early morning hours of May 22nd, 2009, a man on a bicycle rides through the dark streets of downtown Santiago. In his backpack he is carrying a bomb. In his belt, he has a Smith and Wesson 38 caliber revolver.” That is how the documentary film “Montaje: Caso bombas”, (The Set-up of the Bomb Case) starts with an off camera voice-over upon images of a man pedaling through the nighttime streets of the capital of Chile. The story that this documentary reveals is one that is well-known, yet is presented differently each time. It’s the story of groups of people and individuals that struggle, that are persecuted and how these movements are formed. […Lees verder]


Mapuche Benefit


Monday November 4th 2013, Mapuche Benefit, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm

News about the latest raids, lawsuits and the current hunger strike by two Mapuche Political Prisoners. Maricheweu International (“10 times we shall overcome”) unites people whose main goal it is to support the human rights of the Mapuche (people of the earth). The Mapuche are an indigenous people of South America. Their ancestral lands are occupied by Chile and Argentina. Currently there live more than 1,5 million Mapuche in Chile and about 50,000 in Argentina. […Lees verder]