In Its Own Right – To Multiply Voices of Palestinian Artists

Friday 16 February 2024, In Its Own Right – To Multiply Voices of Palestinian Artists. An AstaroTheatro Production. Door opens at 20:00

To multiply the voices of Palestinian artists that believe in the importance of their practice as cultural resistance, we are echoing the stories of lives under settler colonialism. Mixed with our own reflections about political theatre as a way to reignite Palestinian cultural flame. Believing this is an act of political love and solidarity with those who need that we exercise our rights and freedom of speech to make echo of their legitimate claim to exist.

In Its Own Right is our theatrical answer to the call to join a global artistic collaboration with The Revolution’s Promise, a collaboration between Artists on the Frontline and The Freedom Theatre in Jenin.

An AstaroTheatro Production

The Want, An Evening of Theatre and Talks

Friday 17 November 2023, The Want, An Evening of Theatre and Talks. Door opens at 20:00

We perform a short excerpt from ‘In the solitude of the cotton fields’ by Bernard-Marie Koltès where our dramaturgical analysis underlines the consumerism and the commodification in society.
We sit together and we engage in an open conversation about the topics highlighted by the theatre performance: from commodification to war from environmental disaster to autonomous communities, from the manipulation of love to anything we would like to discuss.
Because The Dealer is always there to remind you that ‘you must want something’. So be aware that you are nothing but a consumer in a consumers’ world. Unless you don’t want The Want.

Harun Turan: Bilur
Roberto Bacchilega: Performance
An AstaroTheatro and A La Muntagna Production