SkKkrew the Smalltalk! VOKU ZZW Rafelrand 4 Palestine Demo Legal Fees

Thursday 16 May 2024, SkKkrew the Smalltalk! VOKU ZZW Rafelrand 4 Palestine Demo Legal Fees. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

This evening aims to eat together, and do activities that throw any necessities for small talk out of the window, to help you connect with strangers you’d otherwise be too shy to talk to. Together we draw, play, listen to music and have debates. With your donations, we try to build structures of solidarity, near and far. This time we are raising donations for our collective and beyond who got arrested, to help out with legal fees.

Your chickens and nightingales from ZZW Rafelrand
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Solidarity Voku for Stop Gaza Starvation – Urgent Aid to Gaza

Thursday 25 April 2024, Solidarity Voku for Stop Gaza Starvation – Urgent Aid to Gaza . Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

In the face of the genocide war waged by Israeli occupation in Gaza and the ethnic cleansing campaign in West Bank, where the Palestinian people are besieged that threatens their very existence, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees in Palestine is launching an international relief campaign. This initiative is a clarion call to the global community, an urgent plea for solidarity to provide tens of thousands affected by bombardment and destruction with food, water, and the essentials of life, ensuring their resilience and continuity despite the harshness of the occupier’s crimes.
This campaign is more than a gesture of aid; it is a stand against the erasure of a people, a testament to the belief that the dignity and lives of Palestinians are as sacred as any on this planet. We reach out to the world’s free spirits to echo the voices of the afflicted and convey a message of unity and support, to affirm they are not alone in this struggle.
The Palestinian people endure an unprecedented injustice and look to the world’s defenders of freedom to stand with them. This is a message of liberty and human dignity that must resonate across the globe.
As we, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, spearhead this international campaign, we are joined by a coalition of partners and allies worldwide. Their engagement in this campaign amplifies our call, aiming to turn the tide of suffering into a wave of support. You can consult here the actions carried out with the donations received: Campaign report 27/12
The use of starvation by the Israeli occupation as a weapon in its deplorable warfare against 2.3 million Palestinians is an affront to humanity, demanding global action to expose and hold accountable those responsible.
Together, we strive for liberty and sovereignty, for a future where the children of Palestine can live with the same prospects and peace afforded to children around the world.  […Lees verder]

Radical Sunday School: St. Patrick’s day for Palestine!

Sunday 17 March 2024, Radical Sunday School: St. Patrick’s day for Palestine! From 20:00.

It’s Patrick’s day! A time for celebrating Irish culture, music and food (maybe not that one).
Ireland’s a long history of fighting the Colonial Ambitions of England, but today few places feel the weight of Imperialism right now than the people of Palestine.
This St. Patrick’s day, we will celebrate the long standing solidarity of Ireland with Palestine by raising funds for Medical Aid Palestine.
Come by for crisp sandwiches, traditional and contemporary Irish music! Wear your best Green, White, Red and Orange!
And remember, St. Patrick kicked the snakes out of Ireland, let’s hope he kicks the Zionists out of Palestine! […Lees verder]

An evening for Palestine

Saturday 24 February 2024, an evening for Palestine, with rembetiko, folk traditional Greek music and tapas. From 19:00, no reservation

Marianna (flute, voice), George (bouzouki, voice), Julio (bouzouki, voice), Spiros (guitar, voice), George (ud, clarinet).

AUFree Palestine voku

Thursday 22 February 2024, AUFree Palestine voku. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

AUFree Palestine is doing a Voku to raise funds for Palestine actions! As AUFree Palestine continues our actions we need more and more resources, which means we are in need of some moneyyyyy. That’s where you can help! We will cook you some cheap and delicious (vegan) food, which we then eat together in Volkskeuken Vegazulu, which is located at Joe’s Garage. Let’s surround ourselves with good food, each other, and in solidarity with Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸 It will be a nice evening at Joe’s garage. You’re welcome to drop by from 7PM but it’s first come first serve, so be quick. See you there!! 🍉

AUFree Palestine is a student-led movement dedicated to civil disobedience, radical education, and community mobilisation in support of Palestine. We stand actively opposed to the Zionist genocide of and apartheid against the Palestinian people. Our manifestations also seek to hold to account the complicity of Amsterdam University College and its parent universities, UvA and the VU, in this genocide. These academic institutions refuse to speak out and actively suppress the protests, voices, and experiences of students who take a stand against this open aggression on Palestine.

Their silence does not speak for us: the students of this university stand united against the violence of ongoing occupation and settler colonialism. By gathering and organising actions, we indicate the hypocrisy of an educational institution that claims neutrality amidst genocide while we study decoloniality in its classrooms. We refuse to be silent while the institutions that represent us suppress pro-Palestinian expression, maintain ties to “Israeli” institutions, and collaborate with and abet Zionist violence.

AUFP – AUFree Palestine […Lees verder]

In Its Own Right – To Multiply Voices of Palestinian Artists

Friday 16 February 2024, In Its Own Right – To Multiply Voices of Palestinian Artists. An AstaroTheatro Production. Door opens at 20:00

To multiply the voices of Palestinian artists that believe in the importance of their practice as cultural resistance, we are echoing the stories of lives under settler colonialism. Mixed with our own reflections about political theatre as a way to reignite Palestinian cultural flame. Believing this is an act of political love and solidarity with those who need that we exercise our rights and freedom of speech to make echo of their legitimate claim to exist.

In Its Own Right is our theatrical answer to the call to join a global artistic collaboration with The Revolution’s Promise, a collaboration between Artists on the Frontline and The Freedom Theatre in Jenin.

An AstaroTheatro Production

Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Nakba film

Sunday 10 December 2023, Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Nakba film * free screening * doors open at 8pm * intro & film start at 8.30

At the beginning of this flick, the director comes across a man who tells the story of a secret that everyone else denies and says is a fabrication. But as audio tapes and photographs are taken out of cardboard boxes, the horrible truth of what happened in the village is reconstructed. Additional archival film material, including unused news material that was shot by the BBC, is also brought in to help uncover the tragedy.

Now a cosy gentrified place, the very name of the town becomes tainted, the place feels like a horror story. This is a dynamite documentary that almost feels like a detective story at times, and one that is absolutely crucial to understand current events today. Besides laying out historical events, we are set on a course to wonder at the power of collective amnesia, or rather the forced-amnesia of an entire population. So in that light, although the film is about Israel in 1948, it could also be applicable to many places around the world. For example, it’s similar to how people in America treat their history of the Native American Indians, or the dropping of atomic bombs on civilian targets in Japan. And since we are living in Holland, I would extend that also to how Jews were treated here during World War II when 82% of the Jewish population were sent to death camps, and yet Holland only likes to talk about its almost nonexistent “resistance movement”.

Events are not isolated. History is always contextual or not at all. One has to always look at the bigger picture and not simply emotionally respond to a single incident, otherwise it makes no sense. So in order to understand something that burst out two months ago in Israel and Palestine, you have to also take into account an incident that happened in 1948. Today, as Gaza shifts from an “open air concentration camp” to a death camp, it’s important to understand what kick-started the problem. In 1948 Israel waged its ‘war of independence’, which meant hundreds of Palestinian villages were destroyed to make room for the new state of Israel. This film examines one small village – – and uses it as a microcosm for a larger tragedy that happened all across Palestine known as “Al Nakba” – the disaster. The film also explores why recognition of the “Nakba” is taboo in Israeli society. And before we jump to any conclusions, let’s keep in mind that the director of this film is Israeli.

Film night at Joe’s Garage, cozy cinema! Free entrance. You want to screen a movie, let us know: joe [at] lists [dot] squat [dot] net

ORCA (Organized students for Radical Climate Action) with SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) Voku

Thursday 7 december 2023, ORCA (Organized students for Radical Climate Action) with SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) Voku. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

This evening, ORCA (Organised students for Radical Climate Action) and SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) come together in a shared effort to cook a cheap, vegan dinner for you.
ORCA is a student group, primarily made up by UvA (Universiteit van Amsterdam) students that advocates for a vision of true climate justice that addresses the root causes of the crises. We share an intersectional, anti-capitalist, antifascist worldview and oppose any kinds of oppression and discrimination. This includes an abolitionist approach to borders, police and (neo)colonialism. We believe in bottom-up revolutionary organising and a new world based on mutual radical care, solidarity, and a regenerative culture. Our goals include the decarbonisation, democratisation, and decolonisation of the Dutch higher education system, and we reject the neoliberalisation of our society, including our educational spaces. Want to find out more? Come to the Voku & have a chat.
Students for Justice in Palestine Amsterdam is a democratic collective of Amsterdam students standing in solidarity with Palestine and the Palestinian struggle for liberation. We are a fully independent and autonomous group. Our activism is firmly rooted in anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-capitalist and feminist principles.

ORCA (Organised students for Radical Climate Action)
SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) […Lees verder]