Proxy Cafe, Book and zine making workshop

Wednesday 20 April 2022 from 18:00 to 22:00, Proxy Cafe, Book and zine making workshop

How to put together long zines and short books for print using only open source tools.

We will look at the difference between the text-centred applications (commonly used by writers) and applications that use the blank page as their starting point. The latter are referred to as desktop publishing software, and they are often quite daunting to those of us who are not professional designers.

The idea of this session is to dive into the deep end of easy software and swim towards the shallow end of complicated tools. We will therefore tour the advanced capabilities of text processors like LibreOffice (a free alternative to MS Wrd, or whatever it’s called these days) and explore the basics of desktop-publishing software like Scribus (a free replacement for Indsign).

For the covers and artwork we quickly dip into photoshop-like utilities such as GIMP. This workshop is geared towards preparing printed material, so people who are interested in making flyers and posters are very welcome too.

Trashy frozen pizza available. Bring your own fancy vegetarian pizza if you prefer.

Doors open at 18:00, workshop starts at about 18:30.

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Proxy Cafe, Amsterdam
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