Burendag on the Steve Bikoplein

Saturday 26 september 2020, Burendag on the Steve Bikoplein. Info table, give away shop, drinks and warm food! From 14:00 untill 20:00.

Join us on the square for some drinks or food. We’ll serve Zapatista coffee, kefir, warm borscht and apple cake. Check out the banners and info table, get some update about what’s happening at Joe’s Garage and around in the hood, grab some flyers or some political magazines in Greek, Spanish, English or Dutch. The give away shop is also joining the square, get some books, clothes, bring what you don’t need, your old crowbars and (tomato) seeds for the spring uprising. Meet the community and check out what’s happening in the Transvaal neighborhood. The square is big enough to keep distances from each-others.