Egyptian film night: Saleh Cafe, The Aquarium

Zo./Su. 6 mei 2012, Filmavond, 20uur: Egyptian night, short documentary and long feature.
Saleh Cafe ” قهـوة صالـح ” (Amina Ezz Elarab, Egypt, 2011, 5’42) Documentary, english subtitles. A popular coffee house, downtown Cairo, witnesses from the Revolution are speaking about January 25th 2011.

The Aquarium ” جنينة الأسماك ” (Yousry Nasrallah, Egypt, 2008, 90′) Fiction, english subtitles.
The Aquarium is a 48-hour journey into Modern Cairo following the parallel lives of Youssef and Leila. Hosni Mubarak is still in power and the ‘Kefaya’ Movement for Change is protesting in the streets. The Aquarium offers a salient example of using innovative filmic language in Egyptian cinema to expose many societal and political issues that plague Egyptian society. Yousry Nasrallah’s major works are often inspired by very simple details. The Aquarium was inspired by something Nasrallah read in passing in a children’s magazine about the memory of fish. Nasrallah is set to draw international recognition with his work. He was also in the streets of Cairo with his camera during the 2011 Revolution that saw Mubarak falling. His new film “Battle” is his testimony on last year revolution. […Lees verder]