Concert with The Flamenco Thief

Monday 5 November 2018, Concert with The Flamenco Thief, from 9pm on the stage. At 7pm, Volkseten Vegazulu, Benefit dinner for “la parole aux Migrants” by All Included.

Craig Sutton, The Flamenco Thief, with his guitar, his pedals and effects are back at Joe’s Garage for a second show you don’t want to miss. Here someone we appreciate for his music and his DIY ethics. Almost on a permanent tour around the globe, you’ll easily see where he is performing this year without having to loose yourself on corporate “social” media. On the stage, he is the king of the loop with his effects blending flamenco, hip-hop beats, ska, gypsy and swing influences. We’ll make space for you to dance.
The Flamenco Thief:

Do you want to perform on the stage, play a concert at Joe’s Garage? Please get in touch: joe [at] squat [dot] net, we are curious to read on your own website, not on corporate social media, where you have been playing in the past, what type of venues you are heading to.

Concert with The Flamenco Thief

Monday November 2nd 2015, Concert: The Flamenco Thief. Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm. Music from 9pm till 10pm.

Craig Sutton, better known as The Flamenco Thief, is an English guitarist whose phenomenal rise within the DIY music scene has seen him become one of the busiest touring artists in the country. Specializing in fast rhythmic guitar playing Craig has earned a reputation for mesmerising live performances, in which he uses a Spanish acoustic guitar with the Boss RC loop pedal to blend modern rhythms with time-honoured Flamenco techniques. A particularly resourceful musician, Craig also utilizes the guitar as a percussive instrument, layering metronomic hip-hop beats by carefully beating the body; creating a unique energy that few solo instrumentalists manage to achieve. Craig’s early influences of ska, hip-hop and gypsy swing are evident throughout his music, helping him craft a catalogue of songs that are intelligent but accessible. Craig’s compositions revere Flamenco’s heritage while embracing music technology, and as a result each song is delicately poised between the classical and contemporary. His eponymous debut six-track EP was released in the UK in 2011. The album, Liberating Parts of the Cosmos, was released in 2013 and supported by a three month European tour, spanning 17 countries. In 2014 The Flamenco Thief is back on the road strengthening his status as one of the hardest working musicians in the business with the goal of performing 250 concerts across 40 countries in just ten months.
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