Benefit for Dunkirk refugee camp

201602_Dunkirk_refugee_campMonday February 29th 2016, Benefit for Dunkirk refugee camp, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

The ‪Dunkirk‬ refugee camp (Dunkirk, France) has been a temporary home to around 3000 refugees since October 2015. The camp is predominantly Kurdish (mainly from Iraq, but also Syria and Iran). Most refugees are trying to cross over to Britain. Dunkirk is facing a sanitary and humanitarian crisis. There is loads of mud and a severe lack of facilities, electricity, running water and building material (not being allowed into the camp by the police). Dunkirk needs volunteers, especially Kurdish, Arabic and Farsi speaking ones. This benefit is meant to help volunteers meet, discuss and make plans but also gather goods and supplies for the camp. […Lees verder]