Benefit for Progetto 20K

Monday September 21st 2020, Benefit for Progetto 20K – VeganVoku TakeAway. Donations and benefits for Ventimiglia from Netherlands. Ajo Negro in the kitchen. Food take away to the square, from 7pm till 9pm. No reservation.

Progetto 20K is a group of people whose aim is to bring solidarity and support to migrants who become stuck in the territory of Ventimiglia due to the national and European migration policies. The main objective of the group is to support the freedom of movement for all people and to be active so that rights are obtained and guaranteed. The project called Progetto20k started in June 2016 monitoring the border and informing migrants about the rights they hold, services they can benefit from in the Italian territory, information about the situation at the French-Italian borders and tips about the trip they are willing to embark.
Every day at the French-Italian border hundreds of people are rejected by the French police and sent back to Italy, without allowing them to apply for international protection in the transalpine country. People stopped in France, mainly in the city of Menton, but also in the French territory, who do not have valid documents for expatriation, are taken by the French police corps to the PAF (Police Aux Frontières) office in Ponte San Luigi, at the so-called high border: here they are detained for several hours, the time to identify them and notify them of the “refus d’entrée”, a document declaring the person ineligible on French territory. These documents are often falsifies, changing the dates of birth so that even unaccompanied minors who would have the right to be taken into care in the country where they are located can be “legally” refused entry.
The main place where we carry out part of our activities in the city of Ventimiglia is at the Gianchette park, where the evening meal distributions are made. We provide a generator so that people can charge their own phones and power banks, and we guarantee internet access. We also distribute information material on the border, the various European states, services dedicated to asylum seekers, etc… First aid is also provided given the large number of people who are injured and bruised on a daily basis, mainly due to the long journey on foot across the Balkan route. Moreover, through mobile info-point activities, we directly inform people at the border and down in the city so that they can have all the necessary information about their rights, the journey they intend to make and the safest, most dignified, protected and effective way to do so; we directly support the people we meet every day through the collection and distribution of clothing, blankets, basic necessities and hygiene kits.
The aim of these activities is to provide people in transit with the tools they need to be able to continue their journey autonomously, creating paths of solidarity that allow them to build common practices and imaginations, beyond any border.

Ajo Negro is an anti-authoritarian collective that cooks to support events and projects of social transformation. It is run by volunteers based on a libertarian perspective. Encouraging human and non-human freedom. We are an active kitchen that criticise capitalism and welfarism. We choose vegan as a nourish option and as a political decision. We help each other in a horizontal way, considering that the collective effort is more fruitful that the individual one. […Lees verder]

Take Away Voku for Lesvos Mutual Aid Network

Monday September 14th 2020, Take Away Voku for Mutual Aid Network Lesvos, 7pm, no reservation.

Take-away voku for the Lesvos Mutual Aid Network. The network was started this year to support people in need on the Greek island of Lesbos, in the light of the covid-19 situation. We organise distribution of dry food items, clothes and personal support for 600 locals, migrants and everybody in need. Somebody from the Network will be present to anwser questions and give updates on the current situation on the Island with regards to the social-political situation.
Lesvos Mutual Aid Network: lesvos_network [at] protonmail [dot] com

[…Lees verder]

Benefit for Kesha Niya

Thursday August 20th 2020, Benefit for Kesha Niya, Vegan Sushi, from 7pm till 9pm. No reservation.

The anti-authoritarian collective Ajo Negro is cooking at Joe’s Garage. The benefit will go to support Kesha Niya Community. Kesha Niya is an autonomous refugee support project at the French / Italian border.
On the 24th of August some people is driving to Ventimiglia to bring donations and help out at Kesha Niya.
We’re collecting donations to bring there. Here a list of stuff that is needed:

+ face masks and disinfectants
+ Sleeping bags and blankets
+ Toothbrushes and toothpaste
+ Soaps
+ in general stuff that is handy to have while traveling (e.g. power banks, phones, etc.)
+ Medications
+ Solar panels
+ (men’s) shoes
+ (men’s) clothes
+ backpacks
+ MONEY to cover travel costs and buy stuff there that is needed
+Tents and other camping material

Your donations are welcome at the Binnenpret and Joe’s Garage in Amsterdam and in Zaandam at the Old School squat.

Benefit for No Border Kitchen Lesvos

Thursday May 21st 2020, No Border Kitchen Lesvos Benefit, Volkseten Vegazulu, Take Away People’s kitchen, vegan food, no reservation necessary (or possible!). Falafel with salad n’ sides! Pick up food from 7pm till 8:30pm. See you on the Steve Bikoplein.

Today’s meal is a benefit for No Border Kitchen Lesvos. This is what they do:
A message from Lesvos to Amsterdam.
Lesvos, Greece. A beautiful Island. The Biggest Prison in Europe.
No Border Kitchen is a horizontal and self-organised collective with and for the people on the move on the Greek Island of Lesvos. Since 2015, we have been providing basic needs to the people that are left behind at the walls of Fortress Europe. We provide support mainly in two ways. We provide cooked food every day to about 300 people in the Mytillni area. This is mostly aimed at people that are either forced to stay in the streets or are living in squats, rented houses or somewhere slightly outside of the city. Then there is the food-boxes. A food-box contains dry food, oil and fresh vegetables and is meant to support people that are living in Mytillini and pay rent but get no state support. We want to provide these things to make it more accessible for people to live outside of the refugee camp, Moria. With the donations we have been receiving recently we have been able to upgrade the food-boxes with hygiene items and some other things that were to expansive before, like coffee, spices and better quality vegetables.
A silent war is being waged in the Aegean and the Central Med. A new cold war, with migrants as the nuclear weapons of the 21st century. Since November of last year, with the announcement of amendments to the Greek migration & asylum laws, we have been bracing for the start of 2020.

And so far, it has been not been great. Starting from February there has been an increase in xenophobic groups attacking migrants, activists and volunteers. After a period of increased threats and violence, the Covid-19 measures started. This put a temporary stop to the violence but made continuing our day to day activities rather difficult. However, we were able to find a way to continue our work. With the implementation of the amendment to the Greek migration & asylum laws we are entering a new era of racism and oppression against people on the move. They aim to deport a greater group of people with maximum efficiency. Already on the sea border the amount of illegal acts has also increased. Under cover of night, boats that try to reach Greece via sea have their engines disabled and are being set adrift towards Turkish waters by the Hellenic Coast Guard.
This will send a message to all the people that want to try to get to Europe.
The message is: “If you try to get here, you will be held in a camp isolated from the rest of the world with nothing and if you are not recognised as a ‘legitimate’ refugee we will send you right back where you came from”.
The idea that migrants are so radically different from us is false. National identities are made up. And they are made so that it appears as though we have more in common with millionaires or career politicians than with people who risk everything seeking the same thing most of the people in the world want: Safety.
No Border Kitchen Lesvos

Stop EU complicity in migrant deaths at external borders – Benefit All Included

Thursday December 12th 2019, Stop EU complicity in migrant deaths at external borders – Benefit All Included, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

All Included is an Amsterdam based migrant support organisation for freedom of movement and right to stay for all. We believe in an open society on the basis of exchange and solidarity. We believe in migrant rights and opportunities.
We will not allow the European Union, its member states, Frontex and other institutions to continue to be complicit in the deaths of thousands of people with impunity – both in the Mediterranean and on Europe’s external borders. This also applies to all politicians who consciously or unconciously promote or accept this murderous policy. Migrants are forced to choose most deadly routes through desert and Mediterranian while legal routes stay locked.

That is why we will take the initiative – together with others – to set up a European civil society monitoring body to safeguard human rights. All the more so as the bordering countries are more and more imposed to safeguard European interests through the Emergency Trust Fund. And as the EU recently decided to expand Frontex border patrol force up to 10,000 troops.

We want to create a European documentation centre which will link all the organisations and individuals working in the Mediterranean and at the external borders collecting and analysing their knowledge and experiences. Mutual exchange and networking could be stimulated by all actors with specific background: academic, migrant, NGO’s, human right activist. Many independant researches have recently brought more evidence and insight on a structural EU-abuse of human rights at the borders. By enlarging the visibility of migrant reality, support initiatives and their criminalisation by EU and memeber states we hope to motivate civil actions.

A central task will be to provide the European media with the information obtained.

In a second step, the findings gained in the course of the investigations should lead to those responsible being called to account before a tribunal of civil society to be set up specifically for this purpose.
By building up such a well equipped structure a group of ‘experts’ from diverse background and practice will analyse EU-legislation and testimonies of human right abuse by migrants and support-NGO’s. This tribunal will bring together all actors and come to a verdict in Brussels in 2021.

All Included is een initiatief dat strijdt voor vrijheid van mobiliteit en recht op verblijf voor migranten. In een tijd waarin globalisering een feit is moet migratie erkend worden als een deel van een package deal. All included dus. Dit betekent: geen illegaliteit, geen vreemdelingendetentie en geen gedwongen uitzettingen.
Met het verdwijnen van de nationale grenzen verdwijnt de nationale identiteit. Iedereen wordt wereldburger en ongeacht afkomst verdient eenieder gelijke rechten en gelijke kansen. Daarom ook voor migranten gelijkwaardige ‘all included’ rechten en plichten.
All Included strijdt voor een open samenleving middels buitenparlementaire acties die ingrijpen in het politiek klimaat van assimilatie, geslotenheid en angst. Middels directe hulp aan uitgeprocedeerde asielzoekers en andere mensen zonder verblijfsvergunning worden aanklachten tegen de wantoestanden van de huidige politiek uitgedragen. Wij willen een bijdrage leveren aan het publieke debat met alternatieve visies op migratie en globalisering die uitgaat van open grenzen, solidariteit en eigen initiatief.
All Included is actief in Afrique-Europe Interact (AEI), een netwerk van Afrikaanse en Europese zelf-organisaties. AEI werkt enerzijds aan gezamenlijke projecten en acties en anderzijds aan onderlinge ondersteuning.

Joe’s Garage is always looking for cooks. Any help is welcome in the kitchen. Experience not required. If you want to know which days are still available in the schedule, mail us and book yourself the night. You can, of course, also participate by rolling up your sleeves and doing the dishes.

Benefit & info in support of the undocumented refugees of We Are Here

Thursday October 24th 2019, Benefit & info in support of the undocumented refugees of We Are Here. Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

In May of this year we proved by visiting the Family Loket (Vreemdelingenloket) that:

– there was no shelter at all for ‘new’ (who were not already in a shelter) undocumented refugees in Amsterdam;
– it was not possible at all to registrate on a waitinglist for the 24Hours shelter;
– even very sick people only could come on a waitinglist.
All this was confirmed in a mail of the Family Loket (Vreemdelingenloket) to us.

We tried to get proof from the Family Loket (Vreemdelingenloket) that we had been there to registrate. We offered the Loket a declaration to sign that we had been there.
This was very important for us. Because:
The refugees, without income, would not have to go in vain to the Loket;
Owners of squatted places, the OM (OpenBaar Ministerie), Prosecution Counsel, judges, mayors, Media kept saying there WAS a shelter. This was very harmful for us in courtcases, evictions, media and public opinion.
The Loket refused to give that declaration.
There was nowhere to go for us, no place to be, except the street or a squatted place. On the street and in parks we were hunted by the police, sleeping in tents became prohibited and the same with selling a magazine for some pocket money.

In our need we squatted less appropriate places…

We asked the Family Loket (Vreemdelingenloket) and also the City Board to be clear about the fact that there was no shelter, including no possibility to registrate for the 24Hours shelter.
We started our correspondence with the municipality, directing the Mayor and alderman Groot Wassink. Mrs Anne Klerks answered our mail in name of alderman Groot Wassink. (please see below)
At the end of our correspondence with Mrs Klerks the City Board still refuses an emergency shelter and also refuses to care for the refugees on the street and in squatted places.
But it seems there is now a waiting list for the 24Hours shelter.
The 24Hours shelter should have started the 1th of July but it did not. Than the guidance should have started the 1th of July. But it did not. The only thing that happened seems to be that one tries to get rid of the Dublinclaimers in spite of promesses to this group.
The Dublin Regulation is a seriously criticised system by an organisation as UNHCR because it is unfair for the countries where refugees first arrive and against the human rights of free choice for the refugees. By accepting the Dublin Regulation the 24Hours shelter starts with a defeat against human rights before it has even been started.

We ask more than ever for an Emergency Shelter for undocumented refugees, for our immediate need, but also to avoid that we have to be such a long time in the streets and in squatted places that the 24Hours shelter will be a place for sic people only.

Dringende Financiële noodhulp voor vluchtelingen die geen kant op kunnen en niets krijgen van staat of stad (September 22, 2019)

Beste mensen,

Hoe kan dat: aan vluchtelingen die niet terug kunnen geen verblijfsvergunning geven, wel een verbod op werk, geen inkomen, geen onderdak, geen kleding, geen voedsel, geen onderwijs?
Het kan blijkbaar: zogenaamde ongedocumenteerde vluchtelingen zijn om te overleven volledig afhankelijk van particulier initiatief.
Ze waren met 65, vluchtelingen uit Afrikaanse landen, die april van dit jaar in Uilenstede 475, een 5 jaar lang leegstaand gebouw in het gebied Uilenstede/Kronenburg in Amstelveen, waren getrokken. Het gebied gaat volledig op de schop, het visieplan was kort daarvoor door de gemeenteraad aangenomen, het zal jaren vergen dit te realiseren en in de tussentijd is er vanalles mogelijk, ook voor ongedocumenteerde vluchtelingen. Dat hoopten ze, zeker toen de eigenaars ze aanboden tot 31 juli te blijven en te willen nadenken over een langere periode. Maar ze werden bedrogen, zowel door de eigenaars als door de staat, en de staat maakte het hun zelfs onmogelijk om tegen de rechterlijke uitspraak in hoger beroep te gaan. […Lees verder]

Benefit Association Togolaise des Expulsés

Monday 26 August 2019, Benefit dinner for the Association Togolaise des Expulsés, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

On the situation of deportees, expelled persons and “candidates for migration” according to the example of Sokodé/Togo. The Association Togolaise des Expulsés (ATE) was founded in 2008 in Sokodé, the second largest city in Togo, by people who had been expelled to Togo from various countries – including Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The ATE’s commitment is manifested in the form of practical support and mutual assistance for people who find themselves in precarious living conditions after their expulsion and also in raising society’s awareness of issues related to migration and the rights of refugees and migrants.

In recent years, the ATE, founded as a self-organization of expellees, has increasingly focused on the situation of young people who are currently fleeing Togo or migrating. The ETA helps to give a realistic picture of the multiple dangers on migration routes to those who want or need to leave.
Like many African civil society movements, the ATE also speaks out against human rights violations and deadly crimes on migration routes – and against a border regime imposed by European states that allows people to die in the desert and sea and pays money to Libyan militias and some African governments to prevent African people from traveling to Europe at all costs.

ATE is also active in the Alarme Phone Sahara project – a practical initiative of African and European civil society organisations against dangerous and deadly conditions on flight and migration routes through the Sahel and Sahara countries.

More information on the ATE and TOGO: (All Included & ATE are both members of Afrique-Europe Interact).
All Included, Plantage Doklaan 8-12, 1018 CM Amsterdam

Joe’s Garage is always looking for cooks. Any help is welcome in the kitchen. Experience not required. If you want to know which days are still available in the schedule, mail us and book yourself the night. You can, of course, also participate by rolling up your sleeves and doing the dishes.

Mobilisation No Border Camp 2019

Monday July 29th 2019, Mobilisation No Border Camp 2019 during the Volkseten Vegazulu. 7pm, no reservation.

Last news and updates about the upcoming No Border Camp 2019 [] which takes place from 1st till 4th august 2019 in Wassenaar at Huize Ívicke. The address is Rust en Vreugdlaan 2, 2243AS Wassenaar. The call out in various languages is available through this page. Talks and workshops are now publicly announced.

Restricting migration is a priority for the Dutch government and the EU. The walls of Fortress Europe are rising taller, rescue missions by aid organisations are counteracted, and refugees are locked up and deported. Thousands of people die in the Mediterranean Sea or in the desert, or they are stuck in horrible conditions. Politicians instigate hate against refuguees, while  weapons-companies are in the mean time making big money on militarising borders. Rich Western countries keep fueling the reasons why people flee through unequal trade, weapon exports, causing climate change, and military interventions.

Reason enough to take action. Come to the No Border Camp in the beginning of August, for workshops, meeting people and actions on a extraparliamentary and anti-authoritarian basis. To build bridges to other intersections of struggle, like anti-racism, decolonisation, queer- and trans struggle, climate action, anti-militarisation, and the struggle of migrants themselves for their rights.

The No Border Camp 2019 in the Netherlands will take place from August 1-4. The location will be announced just before the start of the camp due to safety reasons. It will take place in the provice of Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands. Keep an eye on the website or send an email to be updated about the location! If you want to help with the organisation of the camp or just one or two small tasks, please also send us an email! If you want to help us out financially, you can make a donation to the bankaccount that’s on the poster. Everything (both financially and organisation-wise) is  very much appreciated.

Joe’s Garage is always looking for cooks. Any help is welcome in the kitchen. Experience not required. Enjoying it is a must. If you want to know which days are still available in the schedule, send an email to joe [at] lists [dot] squat [dot] net and book yourself the night. You can, of course, also participate by rolling up your sleeves and doing the dishes.