Aman molli: Concert with Rebetiko Trio (Vangelis Hatzigiannis, Mirsini Athitaki, Eirini Zogali)

Saturday 27 January 2023, Aman molli: Concert with Rebetiko Trio (Vangelis Hatzigiannis, Mirsini Athitaki, Eirini Zogali). The doors will open at 8pm, and music will start at 9 pm.

Aman molli and Joe’s Garage are hosting a music concert. Music Concert: From Athens to Corinth to Thessaloniki, from jam sessions to concerts to recitals, Mirsini, Eirini, and Vangelis come together as a trio, exploring the world of Rebetiko. Their performance features their favorite compositions from the pre-war and post-war eras, with the aim of resurrecting stories, sounds, and music from the Greek gramophone of the 20th century.

Vangelis Hatzigiannis: guitar, vocals
Mirsini Athitaki: vocals
Eirini Zogali: bouzouki, vocals

Aman molli: Rebetiko music workshop with Eirini Zogali

Friday 27 October 2023, Aman molli: Rebetiko music workshop with Eirini Zogali, from 19:00 to 23:30

Born in Corinth, Greece Eirini Zogali started her music studies in the age of 7 with classical guitar. In 2009 she got accepted in the local music school where she took an interest for the first time in Greek traditional music and in tampoura, a three string instrument with great music history. From tampoura she transitioned to the Greek bouzouki (also three strings) in the age of 15 and coordinated with it deeply. In 2015 she started her bachelor studies with specialization in the bouzouki at the Department of music science and art in Thessaloniki. During her studies there she experienced different styles of Greek, Balkan and Turkish music, with bouzouki as a tool of translation. With the guide of her teachers she learned how to come in touch with the essence of the instrument, which was created by constant experimentation and change in the techniques and the tunings, and that’s how she likes to represent it. After her graduation she got accepted to the Master programme of Codarts, Rotterdam where she studies the percussive side of the oud (an instrument also of great importance to her) and its possibilities, while at the same time she is teaching the bouzouki with students from all over the world.

This workshop will be an in depth presentation of the rebetiko, through its history and of course its repertoire. In this workshop, there will be a discussion and analysis based on the compositions that will be learned, and of course a lot of playing. The workshop is open to every level and every type of musician (vocalist, instrumentalist). The workshop will start at 7pm and last until 9pm. After the workshop, there will be a jam session.

Benefit VoKu for medical funds and Rebetiko live music

Saturday February 18th 2023, Benefit VoKu and live music to cover medical funds for our comrade G.
Music with Rebetiko Trio: Eirini Zogali (oud, bouzouki, vocals) Vanessa Kourtesi (vocals) and Asteris Varveris (laouto, guitar, vocals). Food from 7pm, music from 9pm.

In a world of exploitation, repression, and authority, fundamental rights like public and free health are increasingly fading to make room for privatization. This is also the case in Greece, where healthcare is translated as a product and source of profit which automatically means that the access to it is a privilege of those that belong to the upper classes of society, while low-class, minorities, and groups that live in the gutter are excluded and treated as “low-level” citizens.
The only solution is to stand next to each other and make steps for the world we want to be part of. A world without discrimination of any kind, without exploitation between living beings, no bosses, and no masters! We support each other against the world of individualization and capitalistic brutality.
Solidarity is our weapon!

Aman molli: Benefit dinner & Special Concert – Asteris Varveris & Eirini Zogali

Saturday 3rd December 2022, Benefit dinner & Aman Molli special concert with Asteris Varveris (laouto, guitar, vocals) & Eirini Zogali (oud, bouzouki, vocals), music from Eastern Mediterranean tradition and Greek rebetiko. Doors open at 6.30 pm, music starts at 8 pm. After the concert, there will be a jam session, so you’re more than welcome to bring your instruments! Donations welcome.

Before the concert there will be a 3 course dinner served as of 18:30. Any earnings will support the medical expenses of our 6yo fella Stefanos in Athens who is going through a sequence of surgeries. For more details about the cause, or alternative ways to support it, please ask the Aman Molli crew on Saturday.

Asteris Varveris and Eirini Zogali count six years of performing together as a duo. What started with purely rebetiko repertoire, led to experimentation of several eastern Mediterranean traditions and with different instruments! From guitar to laouto and from bouzouki to oud. Asteris and Eirini find a way to perform music that coordinates with them, with rebetiko being always their most important starting point. In the first part of the concert, the duo will present new compositions of the Eastern Mediterranean tradition, and new arrangements of traditional melodies of Greece. In the second part, the rebetiko will take over until the end of the performance.

What is rebetiko? It’s a greek urban folk music that was created in the 1920s and blossomed until the ’60s, with thousands of gramophone recordings that have been left behind for the new generations to represent it and study it. The main instruments of the genre are folk guitar and greek bouzouki.

Aman Molli is an open collective workshop for modal music, broadly defined as music following melodic pathways that are outside the two standardized Western scales and associated harmonies. Instruments and Music Styles Any kind of acoustic instrument (Strings, percussions, wind, voice). Many of the instruments used today (guitars, bouzoukia etc.) have even-tempered tuning so the maqams/dromoi are not the traditional Arabic/Turkish/Persian microtonal versions but the westernized adaptations. One of the objectives is to explore the differences. In the same spirit, we add harmonic structure (in guitars or mpaglama chords etc) where possible.On the rhythm side we explore the various characteristics rhythms of these regions/musical tradition (9/8 etc.).

Aman molli: Special concert! Support anti-war actions and Squat Fabrika Yphanet

Friday 20 May 2022, Aman Molli special concert. Doors open at 7 pm. Food from 7:30 pm, music at 9pm.

Donation money for the food will cover the cost of the ingredients and the rest will support anti-war actions as well as support Squat Fabrika Yphanet in Thessaloniki, Greece to remain open. Music at ~ 9pm we start with East-mediterranean traditional melodies: Alexandros Papadimitrakis (Oud), Eirini Zogali (Oud/Bouzouki), Asteris Varveris (Guitar/Lute/Voice) & Thodoris Ziarkas (Lyre from Karpathos) and guests. Donations welcome. Later at night jam will follow.

Aman molli: Special concert!

Friday 8 April 2022, Aman Molli special concert. Doors open at 7 pm. Food from 7:30 pm. Music from 9pm.

After a long covid hibernation Aman molli is opening the doors for a special music concert! Two groups of musicians will blend melodies from West and East, by performing Jazz and East-mediterranean traditional music, respectively.
Music at ~ 9pm we start with Jazz & free improvisation: Remy Dielemans (Doublebass) & Pericles Makris (Guitar).
At ~ 10pm we continue with East-mediterranean traditional melodies: Alexandros Papadimitrakis (Oud), Vanessa Kourtesi (Voice), Eirini Zogali (Oud/Bouzouki), Asteris Varveris (Guitar/Lute/Voice) & Thodoris Ziarkas (Lyre from Karpathos).

Food 7:30 pm: Before the music will warm up our soul we will have a 3-course meal to warm up our body. Donation money for the food will cover the cost of the ingredients and the rest will support anti-war actions in Yemen, Ukraine and others if possible.

Aman Molli special concert

Saturday October 12th 2019, Aman Molli special concert.
Aman molli is proud to host one more special concert with traditional Greek and Turkish music.
Alexandros Papadimitrakis, Vanessa Kourtesi, Dimitra Metzaki, Duygu Alkan, Eirini Zogali and many more will be with us for a special winter welcoming concert, full of singing and music playing.
Melodies from all around the sunbathed Aegean Sea, Greek islands, Turkish sores, middle east bazaars, and desolate Arabic deserts will warm our hearts!
The doors will open at 7 pm. 7:30 pm food will be served! Music around 9pm.
Aman Molli: