Benefit Freedom of Movement – Music with Farbrengen, acoustic klezmer duo from New Orleans

Thursday May 24th 2018, Benefit Freedom of Movement, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm. After the food and talk from All Included, around 9pm, music with Farbrengen, acoustic klezmer duo from New Orleans with Rebecca Mac (violin) and Mattias Kauffman (accordion).

All Included is a small campaign organization in Amsterdam that struggles for free migration and sustainable development. We support the migrants’ movement that fights for their rights.
The current developments on the EU-borders demonstrate the power of migration that breaks the illusion of Europe as an island of equal rights, civilization, democracy and welfare(state). We support the migrants who come to our borders and welcome them. The EU has always pretended to be in control of the border security without degenerating into a Fortress Europe. Given the large numbers of migrants entering ‘irregularly’ today, the EU broke out in panic while portraying migrants as a threat and migration as a crime. The repressive EU-deal like the one with Turkey is not new. Other buffer states such as Morocco, Libya, Mauritania, Senegal have had to sign those deals in the past where migrants, irrespective of flight pattern, are kept outside the EU. Human rights are violated outside the EU in return of a bag of money. The war against immigrants is just more visible now because it is clear that the EU cannot control the migration at its borders. We support migrants breaking through borders and confronting the image of the EU as an tolerant civilization. The EU is pressuring African states to stop migration threatening with stopping development Aid: the Velletta agreements. We say: Open Escape Routes! Stop Deportations! Our African friends are resisting these deals:

All Included is involved in Afrique-Europe Interact, a partnership between African and European grassroots organizations that support free migration and sustainable development. Contacts are mainly in Western Europe (Mali, Togo, Burkina Faso, Senegal) and North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia). Themes are deportation, freedom of movement, land grabbing, corruption. All Included is also active in Watch the Med and Alarm Phone (, a 24-hour emergency phone for those who cross the Mediterranean. Undocumented migrants in Amsterdam are where possible supported by All Included. Big project coming up is the Migration Route Tetterode on 7 & 8th of July 2018,: a fysical route through a legalized squat in Amsterdam, open for public who will guided by migrants/smuglers. Along the route aspects of the migration route by artists, migrants, activists in form of expositions, films, workshops, debate, film ( […Lees verder]