ICAD Benefit

ICADThursday September 24th 2015, Benefiet voor het werk van ICAD (Internationaal Comite Tegen Verdwijningen), afdeling Nederland. Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm

De opbrengst van de maaltijden is bestemd voor de organisatie van acties en uitgifte van publicaties door ICAD.
Deze avond worden Koerdische maaltijden bereid: groentesoep, witte bonen met rijst (kurufasulye|) en salade. […Lees verder]

ICAD Benefit

Thursday October 30th 2014, ICAD Benefit, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm

Disappearances, a method of state terror. Disappearances are practices of state terror. Specially in countries where exists a big differance between the rich and the poor. There where people resists in an organized way they have to do with all kinds of repression, so as disappearances. More than one million people has been disappeared since the end of the Second World War.

People who are political active, just like cadres of trade unions and farmer organizations, journalists, lawyers, human rights activists are potential victims. Paramilitary gangs and death squads let disappear those people. They can work under the protection of the state apparatus. Countries where “disappearances” are still practice are for example Irak, Syria, Afghanistan, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Turkey, Kurdistan, Mexico, Central African Republic, Sudan, Congo. There where exists repression, there will be arise resistance. To let disappear is a manner of state terror to paralize social protest aigainst oppression and exploitation. […Lees verder]

ICAD Benefit

Thursday January 23rd 2014, ICAD Benefit, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm

ICAD, International Committee Against Disappearances, has established in Istanbul in 1996. Direct reason was the disappearance of Hasan Ocak, a Turkish activist, in march 1995. Two months later his body was found. To let disappear is a manner of state terror to paralyse social protest
against oppression and exploitation. Family, friends, political co-activists don’t know if their beloved ones are still alive. Not only political murders, tortures, extra-juridical killings, secret detention centres is a manner of state terror but also “disappearances”. […Lees verder]