Benefit for “Ink the rich!”, DIY Print Kollectiev

Amsterdam_DIY_Screen_Print_CollectiveMonday 12th June 2017, Benefit for “Ink the rich!”, DIY Print Kollectiev. Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm. Music from 8:30 till 10pm with Tim Holehouse (nomadic mutant hardcore blues from London) and Tragical History Tour (gritty acoustic cowpunk from Scotland).

All benefits at Joe’s Garage go to support projects dealing with social & political struggles. This Monday, June 12th, we’ll cook and eat for the “Ink the rich!”, DIY screen-printing workshop.

Since the beginning of 2016, after a couple of squat evictions and relocations, the studio has found a new safe home in the Bajesdorp squat. Grown over the years within the autonomous community of Amsterdam, it keeps on supporting diverse political, social and alternative initiatives by printing t-shirts, patches, buttons, posters, zines… Now, this precious tool (and the collective of volunteers that maintains it) still thrives on the same diy, non-hierarchical and non-profit core values of the beginning. And is fully operational!

For this fundraiser, come, $upport and enjoy the menu brought too you by the infamous, tyrannic and clumsy cooks Spamela Tupperware and Fluffia Crustpudding, together with some other actual members of the printing collective. Don’t forget to greet them, either you like their food or not, with due hugs and (fake) compliments! […Lees verder]

Benefiet voku axiezeefdrukwerkplaats

Do. 8 september – Benefiet voku axiezeefdrukwerkplaats 19uur, vegan food, no reservations, donations welcome.
In de aanloop van de laatste ontruimingsgolf hebben wij de d.h.z. aktiezeefdrukwerkplaats vanuit een van de panden op de lijst moeten verhuizen. In de werkplaats werden talloze t-shirts, patches en posters gedrukt om politieke strijd, acties en benefieten te ondersteunen, en ook posters voor sociale centra en culturele evenementen, waaronder de maandagenda van Joe’s Garage.
We hebben wat opstartkosten en enkele zeefdrukbenodigdheden, zoals UV-lampen en holrakels die we in bruikleen hadden, zullen opnieuw moeten worden aangeschaft, zodat de werkplaats weer jarenlang allerlei axies kan ondersteunen.

In the days before the last eviction wave we had to move the screenprintingworkshop from one of the houses on the evictionlist. In the past years numerous t-shirts, patches and posters have been screenprinted in this workshop to support political struggles, actions and benefits, as well as posters for social centers and cultural events, including Joe’s monthly calendar.
Some of the screenprinting tools we borrowed, we have to obtain again. For the workshop to be operational again to support all kinds of actions in the years to come we need to get some UV-lights, a scoop coater and we have some start-up costs.