Movie night: Erhal, a diary of Tahrir square (2011)

Sunday April 20th 2014, “Erhal, a Diary of Tahrir Square”, a documentary by Marc Almodóvar, 2011, 55 minutes, with English subtitles. Door opens at 8pm, event begins at 9pm.

January 25, 2011.
The fall of Ben Ali in Tunis on January 14, 2011, built beacons of hope in the Arab world. All the attention is in Egypt, where groups in solidarity with the young Alexandrian Khaled Said, killed by the police, are calling for Egyptians to take to the streets against the regime. The chosen date is January 25, National Police Day, seen as one of the pillars of a regime sustained for decades in the country and ruled by Mohammed Hosny Mubarak as a Western ally. But people, claiming freedom and social justice, breaks the barrier of fear, goes outside and begins a rebellion that will shake the whole world.
Erhal – Leave – chronicles from within the 18-days-struggle that brought down one of the more stable dictators of the Middle East.

Film maker Marc Almodóvar will be present at Joe’s Garage on Monday April 14th for an info night: Revolution and counter revolution beyond Tahir, by Marc Almodóvar

Film night at Joe’s Garage, warm and cozy cinema! Doors open at 8pm, film begins at 9pm, free entrance. You want to play a movie, let us know: joe [at] squat [dot] net

Revolution and counter revolution beyond Tahir, by Marc Almodóvar

Tahrir_Square_on_July_29_2011Monday April 14th 2014: 9pm, Info night: Revolution and counter revolution beyond Tahir, by Marc Almodóvar.

Activist, free lance journalist, film maker and blogger, Marc Almodóvar has been based for years in Egypt. Published by La Directa, Diagonal and others, Marc is blogging on “Egipte rere la barricada” (Egypt through the barricade) Several documentaries portraying the 2011 revolution and social movements in Egypt were filmed and released by Marc. The Erhal documentary, Tahrir Square Diaries is an impressive document on the 2011 revolution. Now on tour presenting his book “Egipto tras la barricada. Revolución y contrarrevolución más allá de Tahrir” published in spanish and calatan by Virus. Presentation and discussion in English.

Screening of “Erhal, a Diary of Tahrir Square” (2011, 55 minutes) will take place at Joe’s Garage on Sunday April 20th 2014.