Benefit voku No Border Camp 2023

Monday 7 august 2023, Benefit voku No Border Camp 2023. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

A No Border Camp is announced in the Netherlands from 21 till 27 august 2023: “This summer, somewhere in the Dutch-occupied territories, the fifth edition of No Border Camp will take place. It will be a week full of actions, workshops and discussions around the topic of migration, its repression and its liberation.
As the name of the camp suggests, we dream of a world without borders. A world in which everyone is able to move freely, without risk of detention, deportation or exploitation. A world without Frontex. But we won’t let these dreams be limited to our imagination. We fully intend on realising these dreams in the here and now, unapologetically, together. This means exploring intersecting areas of struggle like climate justice, anti-racism and anti-militarism, and strengthening the connections between them. And between us. Because solidarity is our weapon.
We hope to bring the undocumented and documented together to exchange knowledge, share stories, forge connections and build a strong, collective resistance to borders everywhere.
The location will be announced shortly before the start of the event.
Do you have ideas for workshops or actions? Want to help organise?
Mail: nbc-2023 [at] riseup [dot] net

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