Latin american movie night: No (Pablo Larraín, 2012)

Sunday July 25th 2021, No (Pablo Larraín, 2012), 118 minutes, in Spanish with English Subtitles. Doors open at 20:00, Film starts at 20:30

No, a Chilean historical drama directed by Pablo Larrain and starring Gael Garcia Bernal. The film unfolds in 1988, when Augusto Pinochet, who had ruled Chile with an iron fist since coming to power in a 1973, caved to international pressure and called for a public referendum to determine whether or not he should receive an eight-year extension of his rule. Virtually everyone in the country assumes that the results will be fixed, but Renee Saavedra (Bernal), a youthful ad executive who recently returned to the country after years of living in exile, decides to take on the challenge of rallying the public’s support against its dictator through the “No” campaign. […Lees verder]