De Nieuwe Meent benefit voku

Thursday April 4th 2019, De Nieuwe Meent benefit voku, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm, no reservation.

You’re invited to the very first benefit event for De Nieuwe Meent —according to our calculations, if we make ten thousand more benefit events we can raise enough money to finance the co-housing project! (don’t worry, we have a better financial plan.)
What better place than Joe’s Garage to start, where Soweto’s NieuwLand also originated? Come enjoy a delicious vegan meal The proceeds will go to cover the initial legal costs of the dNM cooperative.

We’re always looking for cooks. Any help is welcome in the kitchen. Experience not required. Enjoying it is a must. If you want to know which days are still available in the schedule, send an email to joe [at] lists [dot] squat [dot] net and book yourself the night. You can, of course, also participate by rolling up your sleeves and doing the dishes.

Nieuwland-Soweto benefit and info night

NieuwlandThursday April 21st 2016, Nieuwland-Soweto benefit and info night, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

Update from Nieuwland dated 02/04/2016:

Dear NieuwLand visitors, after three months of relative radio-silence, here’s what’s been going on.

In spring 2015 many friends helped us with blood, sweat, tears and money to make the public space NieuwLand a reality. It has become a beautiful place and of course we couldn’t wait to start with using it! Many people were enthusiastic to make NieuwLand into a great social-political neighbourhood centre, accessible to people with or without a big wallet. A place that recognises and supports non-subsidised social/political initiatives, where issues can be shared and discussed. A place where you can enjoy getting together, for idealists, activists, neighbours, everybody.

We enthusiastically started with the NieuwLand Athenaeum, the Kapstok Hangout, filmnights, information- and discussion nights, and of course the people’s kitchen: cooking vegan food together and sharing it as a way to foster solidarity for good causes. Your participation benefited several small initiatives for refugees, the Food Not Bombs projects in the Philippines, the LLECA Prisoners theatre in Nicaragua, JAAN in Indonesia, the PQBDS & Alqaws in Israel, Buro Jansen & Jansen, and more.

While we were applying for the revelant permits to run the space, in December we received a letter from the municipality, forcing us to cancel our activities, under threat of a €10.000,- fine. We find the threat of a such a large fine an excessive measure against a volunteer collective and have filed a well argued formal protest. Since we always had been announcing our activities openly, we would have expected the authorities to approach us in case of problem, giving us the opportunity to explain about our goals and activities. The extensive threat of fine for any public activity made it impossible on the short term to come to an agreement to keep the space open while awaiting the permits. Not being discouraged and expecting to get the permits soon, we carried on with the permit application. Unfortunately, after the municipality extended the examination procedure, our request was refused!

We are putting all our efforts into making our dream for this place possible, and we still envisage a positive outcome. It is clear however, that it will take longer than we wished for (read: possibly several months from now). Until that time we will continue with a ‘light’ program, without the film nights and people’s kitchens. Think of: book swap and anarchist library, give-away shop/clothswaps, gardening days, chess nights. In April we are planning some dance workshops. During these activities, we are told it’s prohibited to serve drinks or food, even for free or in return of a donation – bringing something for yourself is possible though! The activities remain, like always, with free entrance, and there will be coffee and tea for free. If you have ideas or if you’d like to organise something yourself, send a message to: publiekepiet [at] soweto [dot] nl

So while we are still in the procedural limbo of permits applications, fine objections, and such, the rent for the space still needs to be paid. At the moment we, the NieuwLand volunteers, pay the rent ourselves. Also we will organise a few benefits nights at other locations: Last Saturday there was a benefit at MKZ. The next one will be Thursday 21st of April in Joe’s Garage! These nights we will also be present to explain more about the situation. See you!

Soweto: […Lees verder]

Soweto benefiet Voku

Monday March 10th, 7pm Vegan 3-course benefit dinner and info night on latest developments Pieter Nieuw landstraat-project.

Soweto, together with an enthusiastic group of people, is realising a new political social center, work space and collective housing on the Pieter Nieuwlandstraat in the Dapperbuurt, Amsterdam. Be part of this DIY subsidy free project and help launch this inspiring new housing initiative.  We need to raise money to get this project off the ground- offering an alternative to mortgages,  long waiting lists, and unaffordable rents. Instead we will be sharing skills, ideas, knowledge, labour and wealth. In times when many social initiatives are being shut down, or in danger, this project is needed now more than ever.  Come and eat your heart out. Donations are more than welcome. This is also an opportunity to become soweto member at the event, or purchase one of the much asked for bond certificates à 50 Euro on the spot. For more info see: […Lees verder]

Benefiet Voku Soweto


Monday October 21st 2013, Benefiet Voku SOWETO, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm

Soweto goes for Pieter Nieuwland – Update on SOWETO & the Pieter Nieuwland project.
We are a collective that is enthusiastic about creating more community owned housing. We are currently taking an old school building in Amsterdam Oost and turning it into a community living, working, and social space. We are seeing this as a starting point in bringing more buildings back in to the public domain – a counter movement toward the growing privatization of public spaces a reclaiming move against the increased corporate ownership of property.
The housing association “Soweto” aims to do what the official ‘social housing corporations’ don’t deliver: to provide communities with affordable space for living, working, organising, talking politics and having fun. It all started with trying to legalize Joe’s garage in the squatted Pretoriusstraat 28. Unfortunately, that wasn’t successful – but now the Pieter Nieuwlandstraat project, close to the Dappermarkt is about to be realized. […Lees verder]

Benefiet voku Soweto


Monday April 8th 2013: Volkseten Vegazulu, Benefiet voku Soweto, 19:00 pm.

Housingassociation SOWETO

In a nutshell Soweto is an idealistic housing association which aims to be a legal and democratic framework within which multiple solidarity based housing projects, such as legalized squats, can operate together simultaneously, thus increasing their political and economic strength. The goal is thus to make Pieter Niewlandstraat 93_95 the first of many projects operating under the umbrella of Soweto. […Lees verder]

Benefiet Voku Soweto

Mo./Ma. March 4th 2013: Volkseten Vegazulu, Benefiet Voku Soweto, 19:00 pm.
Creating A COMMUNITY OWNED social (and living) space

The housing association Soweto aims to do what the official ‘social housing corporations’ don’t deliver: to provide communities with affordable space for living, working, organising, talking politics and having fun. It all started with trying to legalize Joe’s garage in the squatted PS 28. Unfortunately, that wasn’t successful – but now there is a realistic chance for getting our first space: a beautiful old school-building on the Pieter Nieuwlandstraat in Amsterdam East, close to the Dappermarkt. […Lees verder]

Soweto Benefiet

Ma./Mo. 20 feb. 2012, Soweto benefiet, Volkseten Vegazulu, 19:00, no reservation, donations welcome SOWETO Creating solidaristic forms of collective social housing

TheSocialHousingShortage“Housing is a basic need for a dignified existence and is a human right. Providing for this need is not an individual, but a societal and thus collective responsibility, especially given that:
– in a just society the costs should be distributed on the basis of ability to pay, and the benefits based on need;
– such a society can only be brought about through a collective effort by all those involved;
– such an effort can only succeed if all those involved take full responsibility for this common goal, and for each other.” […Lees verder]


Info Evening about the Tugelaweg Project

Vr. 14 Jan. 2011, Info Evening about the Tugelaweg Project. On the end of a three year legal and political struggle… the reality of a permanent social center in the Transvaalbuurt is within arms reach! The Stadsdeel or local Municiplaity has offered new housing union SoWeTo the opportunity to acquire a building on the Tugelaweg. Visionary residents including local housing activists, artists, architects for sustainability and social justice, and urban permaculture gardeners have joined forces with SoWeTo to make it happen. But…

[…Lees verder]