Benefit dinner for “la parole aux Migrants”

Monday 5 November 2018, Benefit dinner for “la parole aux Migrants” by All Included Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm. From 9pm, live music on the stage with The Flamenco Thief.

CONFERENCE INTERNATIONALE DES MIGRANTS AU MAROC “la parole aux Migrants” 1-2 dec. 2018 in Rabat

While the European Union is putting pressure on North and sub-Saharan Africa to close their borders, we see no genuine initiatives working on the reasons why migrants are leaving their countries. From 5-7 dec. 2018 the World Forum on Migration and Development takes place in Marrakesh.
Five years ago Morocco started developing a national migration policy including an asylum procedure. In the last 50 years Morocco changed first from a migration country to a transit country and now a country of destination. What is the impact of this policy on the lives of the migrants?
The Association of Refugees and Migrant Communities in Morocco (ARCOM) and the Platform of Subsaharian Associations and Communities in Morocco (PASCOMS) organize a big meeting inviting Moroccan NGO’s in a migrant neighborhood in Rabat while giving the voice to the migrants.

For freedom of movement and fair development.

All Included Amsterdam is a new initiative that fights for freedom of movement and for the right of residence for migrants. In a time when globalization is a fact, migration should be recognized as part of a package deal. It’s All Included. This means: no illegality, no detention for undocumented migrants and no forced evictions.

With the disappearance of national borders, national identity disappears. Everyone becomes global citizen and deserves regardless of origin equal rights and equal opportunities. Therefore also for migrants ‘all included’ rights and obligations. fights for an open society through extra-parliamentary action which intervenes in the political climate of assimilation, closeness and fear. Through direct assistance to rejected asylum seekers and other migrants without residence permit, indictments against abuses of current polities are being propagated. We want to contribute to the public debate with alternative visions of migration and globalization based on open borders, solidarity and initiative from the base.

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