Benefit for No Border Kitchen Lesvos

Thursday 2nd and Monday 6th February 2023, Benefit for No Border Kitchen Lesvos. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

Two benefit diners for shipping cost to supply No Border Kitchen with winter clothes to distribute to refugees stuck on Lesvos. The situation on Lesvos in the Greek archipelago is getting worse and worse. It has being criminalized to help people, so we still try to do what we can. For instance to send them winter clothes.
At the moment there are a lot of refuges trying to cross from Turkey to Lesvos. A lot of them are being pushed back by Frontex and the Hellenic coast guard. The prime minister of Greece Mitsotakis from the right-populist party Neo Demokratia, is denying it’s hapening and saying “these rumors are anti Greek propaganda made by the Turkish state. The push backs are very violent where the rubber boats full migrants are being pierced and the motor gets taken and then pushed back in Turkish territorial waters. The ones actually do make it and set foot on European land are then faced a lot of repression and by bureaucratic measures are forced to be stuck on Lesvos. To help these people is being more and more criminalized and you can now up to face two years in prison for saving someone from drawning, with the charge of human trafficking.
One of the things NBK (No Border Kitchen) is still able to do, is providing people with food and clothing. These benefit events are to raise money to ship the winter clothes to Lesvos. So people that are suck there don’t have to suffer by the cold as well.


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