Radical Sunday School for Palestine

Sunday 5 november 2023, Radical Sunday School for Palestine, from 15:00 till 19:00.

It’s time for some good care. Radical Sunday School is aided by some lovely Palestinian folks and other comrades to serve some delicious food (feel free to donate a little), have a some Palestinian live music on the Oud at 5:00pm, and a short talk on education in times of crisis, but we also simply want to offer a space to share how we feel. We hope to create a warm and caring space for anyone who would like to join us for the day and enjoy delicious mujaddara.

If you want to help cooking, send us an email at radicalsundayschool [at] proton [dot] me

As students are protesting the university, calling for the democratisation, decarbonisation, and decolonisation of their education, the Radical Sunday School is opening weekly to discuss the failings of our current educational system and imagine new ways to learn. As Paulo Freire believed, education can be an emancipatory tool, liberating consciousness, and widen the options for action – and of course, it can take place anywhere, and at any time. In this ‘school’, everyone, students and non-students, are invited to participate. We will decide on the content and form freely. The options for things to discuss are endless: What is the point of today’s educational system? What is it promising, what does it deliver? How is it funded? What counts as education? What would an abolition of the university entail? How do you actually decolonise education? Or democratise it? What is the history of the university? How do fossil fuels inform our beliefs on learning? Let’s follow whatever sounds interesting and worthwhile – whatever seems important enough to be learned.

This is not intended to be a course that you would have to follow all the way through. Jump in and out whenever you like. Sessions will be held every Sunday, except for every second Sunday of the month (when Joe’s Garage is having an open assembly). Come through, and let’s educate ourselves in ways not possible inside the silly institution that is called university.