Film screening: Une île et une nuit (An Island and One Night)

Sunday 3rd March 2024, Film screening: Une île et une nuit (An Island and One Night) * 2021-2023 * 100 min * multi-lingual (11 languages) * no subs * Free or pay what you can * doors open at 20:00, film starts at 20:30.

Around a campfire travelers, vagabonds and pirates tell their stories, share their dreams and adventures. From language to language and story to story they tell their tales of how they reached this imaginary island which could be a reality. The island comes under threat from the forces of development, capitalism, technology and gentrification.
A film made organically, collectively and non hierarchically by the inhabitants and users of a community called Le Quartier Libre des Lentillères, located in Dijon, France facing eviction and development as well struggling against all borders.
The Quartier Libre des Lentillères was born out of a demonstration in 2010, in Dijon, at the end of which a hundred people cleared and then cultivated quality land left abandoned and threatened by a real estate project. From there was born the Pot’Col’Le, an open and collective gardening dynamic based on the exchange of knowledge. The Jardin des Maraichères, managed on a self-employed basis, supplies weekly non-profit markets at free prices. At the crossroads of these two large plots, dozens of small allotment gardens are intermingled. In the midst of all this, busy farms, a dynamic of building huts and maintaining places open to all for walks, for workshops for the exchange of diverse knowledge, concerts or atypical parties. From all this is born a colorful neighborhood, mixed collectives fed by several hundred people.
However, all these dynamics are threatened: the SPLAAD (Société Publique Locale d’Aménagement de l’Agglomération Dijonnaise) and the Grand Dijon want to destroy this creative boiling that produces a neighborhood as we want to live it, outside the established frameworks, to replace it with a real estate project of “eco-neighborhood”: the “ecocity of market gardeners”. The first phase of construction has begun on the industrial plot of land of the former slaughterhouses, but we intend to oppose the work of the second phase of construction which concerns the Quartier libre des Lentillères. We are more determined than ever to fight so that solidarity prevails over business. Join us!

Une île et une nuit
Quartier Libre des Lentillères

Film night at Joe’s Garage, cozy cinema! Free entrance. You want to screen a movie, let us know: joe [at] lists [dot] squat [dot] net