Voku benefit Woningsdag w/ live music: Lyngfarer and Ancient Hostility (anarcho folk)

Monday July 22, 2024, Voku benefit Woningsdag w/ live music: Lyngfarer and Ancient Hostility (anarcho folk). Food served from 7pm, no reservation. Music from 8pm.

The benefit money will go to the costs of Woningsdag, every year while the country celebrates Koningsdag we celebrate Woningsdag because the urgency to get everyone housing is more important than Monarchy. Last Woningsdag, on April 27, 2024, a building got squatted in the city center (Gravenstraat 26-28). We still have some unpaid costs and that’s why we have a benefit.

There will be live music performance as well with Lyngfarer and Ancient Hostility, the anarcho folk night from Joe’s this summer:
Lyngfarer https://lyngfarer.bandcamp.com/
“Lyngfarer is the quiet and pensive stuff that Magnus Nymo from Norway writes. It lives in the fog between medieval lore and anarchist dbeat classics but is quiet enough to be a lullaby. Magnus started performing as Lyngfarer in 2015 and has since then hung out and toured around Europe, Scandinavia, Ireland and the US and UK.”
Ancient Hostility (anarcho folk): “Harmony singing and drones from members of All In Vain and Dawn Ray’d, singing songs about heartbreak and resistance.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g27Bhsxzrvc

Volkseten Vegazulu is a people’s kitchens existing since the very beginning of Joe’s Garage, June 2005. Your donations are welcome. Food is vegan, no reservation. All benefits go to social & political struggles. Joe’s Garage is a space run by volunteers. Without a collective effort, without your active participation, we’re remaining closed. Get in touch in you feel like giving a hand. We’re always looking for cooks. Any help is welcome in the kitchen. Experience not required. If you want to know which days are still available, mail us.