9 january 2010: Hierarchy&Authority, presentation and debate!

In self-proclaimed non-hierarchical and anti-authoritarian social movements, tremendous hierarchy and authority exist but are hidden beneath the surface of internal debate and movement subcultures. For anyone in the squatters movement in Amsterdam, such tensions are obvious but often not systematically examined. This academic presentation explores this particular aspect of the social world of the Amsterdam squatters movement and will be followed by a debate and discussion.

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1 mei debat: Revolt against Oppression ? Revolt against Alienation?

To celebrate May 1st, Joe’s Garage will present a debate, “Revolt against Oppression? Revolt against Alienation?.” This debate will feature five invited speakers who are active in the following campaigns or have been instrumental in the organizing of the following actions 1) the Schoonmakers Campaign 2) Nederland Bekent Kleur 3) the Occupation of the Iranian Embassy 4) Universitaire Activisten 5) the Squatting Action on the Ringdijk ,which was the first time an undocumented person openly squatted a house and interacted with the press as a squatter.

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Info-Night: ‘Antimilitarist and Conscientious Objectors’ Movement in Turkey

Fri 27.04.2007 – “Every Turkish man is born, so they say, a soldier. Fortunately, there are those who refuse to be one, even though Turkey does not recognize the right to conscientious objection. This event sets out to discuss the current situation of conscientious objection movement in Turkey from a historical and socio-political perspective.

After a short introduction about militarism in Turkey, two antimilitarists who have been actively involved in the movement, will talk about the Turkish military structure, the conscription and legal procedure concerning the objectors, the development of the movement since the 1990s, as well as the representation of the refusers in the media. After briefly comparing the Turkish case to those of the Israeli, Spanish and Latin American ones, we would like to discuss strategies for supporting the conscientious objectors from abroad. The evening will finish with a video screening of recent actions and an open debate.”