October 2012 Joe’s Garage program

If you are ever standing under the rain, in front of a closed door at Joe’s it is because nobody has volunteered to open the space, cook some food, make coffee. We do everything D(o)I(t)Y(ourself) and your active participation is really needed in this squatted social center. We are swinging back into action after the summer and your energy is needed now more than ever! Contact Joe’s now! Email to joe [at] squat [dot] net

Another serie of benefits is announced in October: DJP Defend Job Philippine, Kurdish Dutch Cultural Centre Amsterdam (KNCCA), Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign, Red Nose Delicious Arab Spring, Zapatista Autonomous Community. And Jeffrey will of course be back with a film from Olivier Assayas, Cold Water.  Keep an eye on-line for updates. […Lees verder]

September 2012 Joe’s Garage program

Will Joe’s Garage open 6 days a week in September? Are you ready to give some of your time, put some creativity and subversion into Joe’s? We are waiting for your active participation, there is plenty to do, cooking and helping every monday and thursday with the Volkseten Vegazulu, running every tuesday the Kraakspreekuur Oost, (de)socializing every wednesday afternoon during the the Lonely Collective Day Cafe, helping out every saturday afternoon at the Give Away Shop, programming, organizing film/info nights every sunday. Come along with your ideas. Click here and get involved at Joe’s Garage. Keep an eye on our program and on Radar, more events will be announced. You also can get involved a bit further in the neighbourhood, at the Valreep, at the Bajesdorp, at the Roomtuintje Oostbos, the recently squatted gardens in the Dapperbuurt, on the Pieter Vlamingstraat 86.

The coming benefits this month: Leonard Peltier,  Screen Print Studio, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign, Volkskeuken Zeeburgerpad 22, Anarcho Queer Punk Festival. Films to be screened: Incident at Oglala, Diamonds of the Night, The Miners’ Hymns. […Lees verder]

July 2012 Joe’s Garage program

Joe’s Garage is not a ‘broedplaats’ but a political autonomous social centre in a squat. Various volunteers are running a space that does not need, nor want any subsidies. You are welcome to join anytime, start activities. Joe’s Garage is still open during the summer, five days a week. The only change is that we are closed on Thursday till end of August. The July film program is presenting seven movies. The give away shop, the Lonely Collective Day Cafe. the KSU Oost are still on. The monday Volkseten Vegazulu is hosting two benefits for the Anarchist Black Cross Amsterdam. And there is more happening in Amsterdam Oost on Saturday July 28th: Valreep‘s first birthday, Open Day & Manifestation.

[…Lees verder]

June 2012 Joe’s Garage program

What’s will you find at Joe’s Garage this month? A day cafe, a give away shop, a kraakspreekuur, an infonight about Squatting in Czech Republic, an Activism & Safety Workshop/Infonight by Buro Jansen & Janssen, benefits voku for the SPOK (SPekulatie Onderzoeks Kollektief), for Buro Jansen & Janssen, for a political prisoner in Montevideo (Uruguay), three film nights with Momo, Vanishing Point, Alice in Wonderland. We are still waiting for you to join us and propose activities, try the oven in the kitchen. Joe’s is run by volunteers, without subsidies.  […Lees verder]

April 2012 Joe’s Garage Program

Specials.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sunday April 1st:, 8pm Filmnight: The yes men Friday April 6th, 6pm Digital story-telling workshop about Non-monogamy and the romantic idea of love.  Sunday April 8th: 8pm filmnight: Takva: A Man’s Fear of God (Özer Kiziltan, Turkey, 2006, 96′) Thursday April 12th, 7pm Benefiet voku for Da Costa kade-squat, threatened with eviction. Friday April 13th, 6pm: Digital story-telling workshop about Non-monogamy and the romantic idea of love. Part 2:  Sunday April 15th, 8pm Bee-movienight: Vanishing of the Bees. Thursday April 19th, 7pm benefiet voku Queeristan. Friday April 20th, 6pm Digital story-telling workshop about Non-monogamy and the romantic idea of love. Part 3:. Sunday April 22nd, 8pmfilmnight: Hedwig and the angry inch. Monday 23th: benefiet voku for juridical help for the activists in foreign detention after the Schijnheilig eviction July last year and for future cases. The Raad van State finally judged that this act had been illegal! Friday April 27th, 6pm: Digital story-telling workshop about Non-monogamy and the romantic idea of love. Part 4 Closed on Queensday

March 2012 Joe’s Garage program

This month you will find lots of exciting events again in our squatted, d.i.y, social and political centre. The many active volunteers are happy to organise, cook, screen, talk, arrange, draw, explain, joke, write and clean as usual but they do need your help. So if you feel like getting involved, please tap someone’s shoulder or drop us a line.

Or just come to one of the film nights on Sundays, Come to the Greek info night and voku on Monday 5th, or the Beetelling and Sushi night on Sunday 11th. Or maybe you prefer the Radio Patapoe Benefit and Voku on Thursday 22nd and the Anti-ACTA Benefit Voku on Thursday 29th. Then of course don’t forget about our regular activities… just check out the poster! […Lees verder]

February 2012 Joe’s Garage program

A squatted social center run by volunteers, D.I.Y., without subsidies, active with the neighborhood, open 6 days a week, since years… We still need your active participation. Time to join or to drop us a line. Lots of choice this month to participate, benefiets for X-Y, Calafou, Free Radio and Media, Soweto, ‘Reclaim The Seeds’ garden action, two info nights with All Included and Aseed, two film nights with Hans-Joachim Klein (My Life as a Terrorist) and Carlos the Jackal. And a day cafe, a give away shop, a kraakspreekuur… […Lees verder]

January 2012 Joe’s Garage program

A few more benefits will take you to Joe’s Garage this month: the Boats 4 People Benefit, the Benefit and info night: “Repression and censorship against anarchist migration activism”, the Aseed Infonight & Benefit Voku and to finish the month, the Huurdersvereniging Benefit & Infonight. The Borrel/Receptie Grote Oost is taken place in Joe’s Garage on Saturday 21st. Two film nights are on the program: War Photographer (documentary from Christian Frei, USA, 2001, 96′) and Tampopo (Juzo Itami, Japan, 1985, 115′), this last one with food on the program! And of course, we need your active participation in Joe’s Garage. Time to join or to drop us a line. […Lees verder]