AUFree Palestine voku

Thursday 22 February 2024, AUFree Palestine voku. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

AUFree Palestine is doing a Voku to raise funds for Palestine actions! As AUFree Palestine continues our actions we need more and more resources, which means we are in need of some moneyyyyy. That’s where you can help! We will cook you some cheap and delicious (vegan) food, which we then eat together in Volkskeuken Vegazulu, which is located at Joe’s Garage. Let’s surround ourselves with good food, each other, and in solidarity with Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸 It will be a nice evening at Joe’s garage. You’re welcome to drop by from 7PM but it’s first come first serve, so be quick. See you there!! 🍉

AUFree Palestine is a student-led movement dedicated to civil disobedience, radical education, and community mobilisation in support of Palestine. We stand actively opposed to the Zionist genocide of and apartheid against the Palestinian people. Our manifestations also seek to hold to account the complicity of Amsterdam University College and its parent universities, UvA and the VU, in this genocide. These academic institutions refuse to speak out and actively suppress the protests, voices, and experiences of students who take a stand against this open aggression on Palestine.

Their silence does not speak for us: the students of this university stand united against the violence of ongoing occupation and settler colonialism. By gathering and organising actions, we indicate the hypocrisy of an educational institution that claims neutrality amidst genocide while we study decoloniality in its classrooms. We refuse to be silent while the institutions that represent us suppress pro-Palestinian expression, maintain ties to “Israeli” institutions, and collaborate with and abet Zionist violence.

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