AFGA movie Screening & Discussion: Queen of Lapa (Theodore Collatos and Carolina Monnerat, 2019)

Friday 5 May 2023, AFGA movie Screening & Discussion: Queen of Lapa (Theodore Collatos and Carolina Monnerat, 2019). Door open at 7:30. screening at 8pm.

As part of a month of events surrounding Sex Work organized by the Anarchist Feminist Group Amsterdam, we will be screening the movie Queen of Lapa, a 1h13 documentary directed in 2019 by Theodore Collatos and Carolina Monnerat about Luana Muniz and her community of trans sex workers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
After the screening, we hope to have a discussion about the themes brought up in the movie 🙂
More info about the documentary:
(We plan to start the screening at 8 pm, it’s great if you can come from 7:30 to settle in and hear the introduction!).

Anarcha Feminist Group Amsterdam

Filmavond, Ak Kraak Berlin goes Amsterdam

Wed 04.07.2007 – Screenings of AK Kraak productions. Members of the collective will be present at screenings []

Between walls and favelas – police violence in rio de janeiro (60 min, BRD/Brazilia, 2005) – Marcia lives in one of Rio’s favelas. Her son is one of the 1193 people who have been shot dead by police in 2003 in the carnical city. A sharp increase of police killings have enforced its notoriety as one of the world’s most violent forces of order. The victims are mostly young blacks from the poor neighbourhoods. In this brazilian/german co-produced documentary by AK-Kraak (Berlin), ATreVer and TV Tagarela (Rio de Janeiro) we let activists come to word, aswell as the first-hand accounts of people living in the favelas about their every-day experiences and their struggle for justice.

We are girls, but… – Women artists in Romania between everyday life and visions (46 min, OV, 2006) – The documentary portrays five young and one older women artists who are living and working in different cities of Romania. Each story can stand for itself, but the film relates them to each other through a specific aesthetic for one hand and by following similar subjects, in order to contrast different attitudes, ways of living and working (art works/projects) in the context of the contemporary art scene in Romania. The camera accompanies the different women during their everyday life activities (at home, in the studio, with friends) and to special events (exhibition opening, art party…). In very close and personal pictures the film gives a deeper insight into the individual life situations. The women tell about their art work, everyday life routine and the difficulties to bring the „two domains“ of producing art, being creative and having a job for living, together. Another topic dedicates to the special experiences and problems of being a woman artist in an environment in which still prevails an old fashioned mentality regarding gender roles/relations in society.