Benefit for Progetto 20K

Monday September 21st 2020, Benefit for Progetto 20K – VeganVoku TakeAway. Donations and benefits for Ventimiglia from Netherlands. Ajo Negro in the kitchen. Food take away to the square, from 7pm till 9pm. No reservation.

Progetto 20K is a group of people whose aim is to bring solidarity and support to migrants who become stuck in the territory of Ventimiglia due to the national and European migration policies. The main objective of the group is to support the freedom of movement for all people and to be active so that rights are obtained and guaranteed. The project called Progetto20k started in June 2016 monitoring the border and informing migrants about the rights they hold, services they can benefit from in the Italian territory, information about the situation at the French-Italian borders and tips about the trip they are willing to embark.
Every day at the French-Italian border hundreds of people are rejected by the French police and sent back to Italy, without allowing them to apply for international protection in the transalpine country. People stopped in France, mainly in the city of Menton, but also in the French territory, who do not have valid documents for expatriation, are taken by the French police corps to the PAF (Police Aux Frontières) office in Ponte San Luigi, at the so-called high border: here they are detained for several hours, the time to identify them and notify them of the “refus d’entrée”, a document declaring the person ineligible on French territory. These documents are often falsifies, changing the dates of birth so that even unaccompanied minors who would have the right to be taken into care in the country where they are located can be “legally” refused entry.
The main place where we carry out part of our activities in the city of Ventimiglia is at the Gianchette park, where the evening meal distributions are made. We provide a generator so that people can charge their own phones and power banks, and we guarantee internet access. We also distribute information material on the border, the various European states, services dedicated to asylum seekers, etc… First aid is also provided given the large number of people who are injured and bruised on a daily basis, mainly due to the long journey on foot across the Balkan route. Moreover, through mobile info-point activities, we directly inform people at the border and down in the city so that they can have all the necessary information about their rights, the journey they intend to make and the safest, most dignified, protected and effective way to do so; we directly support the people we meet every day through the collection and distribution of clothing, blankets, basic necessities and hygiene kits.
The aim of these activities is to provide people in transit with the tools they need to be able to continue their journey autonomously, creating paths of solidarity that allow them to build common practices and imaginations, beyond any border.

Ajo Negro is an anti-authoritarian collective that cooks to support events and projects of social transformation. It is run by volunteers based on a libertarian perspective. Encouraging human and non-human freedom. We are an active kitchen that criticise capitalism and welfarism. We choose vegan as a nourish option and as a political decision. We help each other in a horizontal way, considering that the collective effort is more fruitful that the individual one. […Lees verder]

Benefit for Kesha Niya

Thursday August 20th 2020, Benefit for Kesha Niya, Vegan Sushi, from 7pm till 9pm. No reservation.

The anti-authoritarian collective Ajo Negro is cooking at Joe’s Garage. The benefit will go to support Kesha Niya Community. Kesha Niya is an autonomous refugee support project at the French / Italian border.
On the 24th of August some people is driving to Ventimiglia to bring donations and help out at Kesha Niya.
We’re collecting donations to bring there. Here a list of stuff that is needed:

+ face masks and disinfectants
+ Sleeping bags and blankets
+ Toothbrushes and toothpaste
+ Soaps
+ in general stuff that is handy to have while traveling (e.g. power banks, phones, etc.)
+ Medications
+ Solar panels
+ (men’s) shoes
+ (men’s) clothes
+ backpacks
+ MONEY to cover travel costs and buy stuff there that is needed
+Tents and other camping material

Your donations are welcome at the Binnenpret and Joe’s Garage in Amsterdam and in Zaandam at the Old School squat.

Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Toxic Love

Amore_TossicoSunday October 9th 2016, Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: AMORE TOSSICO 1983 (Toxic Love). Directed by Claudio Caligari. 90 minutes. In Italian with English subtitles. Film starts @ 21:00. Free admission

This will be a rare screening of an Italian flick from the 80s that has a haunting reputation in its own country, but has rarely been screened anywhere else, except in festivals. Like I have recently noted, here in Europe in the 80s there was an explosion of movies that dealt with teenagers and drugs, and specifically heroin. Since the 80s these films have pretty much been buried and forgotten, because the topic is considered too dark. Amore Tossico is one of the best movies from this genre, and in Italy it’s considered a masterpiece.

Many of the drug-related films in the 80s were exploitation movies, made with low budgets and low ideals. But this one is different, with early Pier Paolo Pasolini films being a major influence. Like Pasolini, director Claudio Caligari filmed this movie in Ostia, a bleak seaside suburb of Rome. And like Pasolini this movie takes its cast off the city streets… so most of the “actors” in Amore Tossico are real-life junkies or former junkies, giving the movie a beautiful edge of authenticity. It’s not glamorous in any way, nor is it spectacular… instead its deeply human. Many of the actors would die by heroin or aids within a few years after this movie was made, so as we watch this film we are also watching a fleeting moment that would soon be extinguished.

Film night at Joe’s Garage, cozy cinema! Doors open at 8pm, film begins at 9pm, free entrance. You want to play a movie, let us know: joe [at] squat [dot] net

Benefit Liberta’ per Billy, Costa e Silvia

20150518_Benefit_Billy_Costa_SilviaMonday May 18th 2015, Benefit Liberta’ per Billy, Costa e Silvia. Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

On Thursday the 15th of April 2010, Costantino Ragusa, Silvia Guerini and Billy (Luca Bernasconi) were arrested in Switzerland. Costa, Silvia and Billy are fellow anarchists who have been active in fighting for things like radical ecology and animal liberation, fighting against health hazards such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and nuclear technology and supporting and standing in solidarity with prisoners. It seems as though the authorities in Zurich are handling the accusations against and the detention of these three activists.
The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office continues its harassment of Silvia, Costa and Billy. In addition to current censorship, which causes long delays in the mail delivery, another limit has been unlawfully added to the censorship of their mail, making it impossible for them to send or receive letters if not written to the specifications of the procurator. This is an evident attempt to isolate our friends by interrupting their means of communication with the outside so to heavily limit their participation in our struggles. The arrogance of the prosecutor and the absurdity of the new limitations on communications are due to the massive amount of support shown by fellow activists and expressed in letters, but this foul measure won’t stop us from expressing our solidarity.
It seems as though Silvia, Billy and Costa were stopped by a blockade near Zurich. While the car (rented in Italy) was being searched, the Swiss police declared to have found explosives, a detonator and a statement in reference to the IBM laboratories, which do research on nanotechnology (source: Communicating through their lawyers, each having their own lawyer because in Switzerland they can’t share the same one, they have reported that they are doing well; it also seems as thought they have been able to get vegan meals in prison, although we are only certain that this is the case for Billy and not the other two.
The following are updates from the anarchists of via del Cuore – Pisa […Lees verder]

14N, Vaga General Benefit

Do./Th. 15 november 2012, 19:00pm, Volkseten Vegazulu, 14N, Vaga General Benefit

On november 14th 2012, a general strike will take place in Spain, Portugal and Greece. A hot day in south Europe. People will take the streets. This benefit is for the people that will get arrested that day.
The 14th November European Strike – Call Out:
Volkseten Vegazulu is every monday and thursday, 19:00pm, vegan food for 4€ or donation. All benefits go for social & political struggles. No reservation