Czech squatting weekend in Amsterdam. Klinika soli night with food, presentation

20150220_Klinika_Soli_nightCzech squatting weekend in Amsterdam, February 20th – 22nd 2015. Klinika on tour!
Friday 20.02.2015 Klinika soli night with food, presentation, discussion & more @ Squatted autonomous space Joe’s Garage

19:00 Soli dinner (some Czech traditional dish in the vegan style)
20:00 Presentation
21:00 Discussion, maybe some movie about current squatting theme in Czech Republic and maybe some acoustic concert

Some members of Czech squatting movement are coming to Amsterdam to present and discuss about the actual breakthrough in the squatting movement in Czech Republic. On Saturday, November 29th, an abandoned building of a former clinic in Prague district of Žižkov was occupied by a group of activists. Cleaning works, reconstruction and program started immediately. Despite widespread support, including neighbors, politicians, artists, journalists etc., the owner of the house – Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs – withdrawed from negotiations. Regarding to some sources, the “anti-extremist” department of Czech police played an important role in this decision.

Autonomní sociální centrum Klinika (Autonomous Social Centre Klinika /Clinic ) was evicted December 9th after ten days of struggle and hundreds of people participating. Spontaneous demonstrations immediately took place in front and inside of Žižkov city hall and in office of the owner. After a few days, one thousand people demonstrated in support of the autonomous center. The building is now being guarded, but the struggle isn’t over yet. Žižkov councilors agreed that they will start negotiations with the state. The public support of squatting is now the highest in Czech history. The ministers of interior, finance and social affairs publicly admitted the possibility of decriminalization of squatting. We, as a group supporting a project of social centre, are calling for international support! A pressure on Czech state can help us to create a historical success. Every city needs it’s clinic!

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Infonight about squatting in Czech Republic with soup & movie ‘Occupy and Live’

Sunday December 15th 2013, Infonight about squatting in Czech Republic. Door opens at 8pm with soup, then info and film, Occupy and Live!(OBSAĎ A ŽIJ!/VZPOMÍNKY NA BUDOUCNOST), the film is with English subtitles.

Czech documentary film about the event ‘Memories of the Future’. A documentary about a squatting action on August 31st 2013, dilapidated buildings were occupied in Prague.

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Czech Squatting Activism Infonight

Sunday June 10th 2012, Infoavond, 20uur: Czech Squatting Activism Infonight

After the eviction of Milada in 2009, what is left of squatting in Czech Republic? Joe’s already hosted benefits for the Project DVP []. If you don’t get much of the Czech language on these Squat!net pages [], you’ll get a full update in english. Prague has its own infoshop called ‘Infocentrum Salé’ [], Brno has the Pelec infoshop []. People from the Cibulka squat and from DVP will be around. After several evictions and resquats, Cibulka is still alive [] organizing on June 9th a public event for kids [].